What Jockeys Drive When They Are Not in the Saddle


With jockeys in the US, Europe and Australia often being required to drive huge distances between races, it is perhaps no surprise that many fall in love with their motor vehicles almost as much as they do with their horses.

Here are some of the world’s top jockeys alongside the cars that they drive when their saddle sores prevent them from riding winners.

Frankie Dettori

This diminutive Italian born jockey is one of the darlings of the paddock, having won just about everything that is worth winning in the horse racing world, including a good number of triumphs at the US based Breeders’ Cup.

When he is not appearing in the free picks sections of a racing website or magazine, Dettori is an avid collector of cars, having owned a fleet of Ferraris and Rolls-Royces.

Blake Spriggs

This Australian jockey has always been a fan of sleek motor cars, and Ferrari’s prancing horse is also his go-to status symbol, with the jockey stating recently that he has been tempted on a few occasions to dig deep for an Italian sports car.

For the time being, though, he will have to make do with the Audi S6 he has just treated himself to, although it is no R8.

Blake Spriggs

Irad Ortiz, Jr.

Ortiz Jr. is the best jockey in the US and arguably ranks as one of the most accomplished in the world.

Although he has not publicly stated a love of motor vehicles he did say not so long ago – after making a rather reckless move in the H. Allen Jerkens Stakes —  that, as far as he was concerned, jockeys were racing car drivers, with every right to jostle and barge their way to the front.

We like his attitude, and perhaps he should get behind the wheel of a four-wheeled racer sooner rather than later.

Jim Crowley

The British flat racing champion jockey of 2016, Jim Crowley has been busy writing himself into the history books alongside the likes of the previously mentioned Frankie Dettori.

Like his Italian peer, he loves nothing more than settling into the bucket seat of a souped up sports car, and dreams of one day getting his hands on an Aston Martin DB11. For now, he will have to settle for what is seemingly every jockey’s day-to-day car brand of choice, Audi.

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