What Rights Do I Have Against Automobile Manufacturers and Dealers Who Knowingly Sell Bad Vehicles?


The Lemon Law

All states across the United States have enacted a Lemon Law. States may differ somewhat in these laws. However, the goal of all states is to protect the consumer when they find out they purchased a lemon car.

Lemon Laws deal with car dealerships and manufacturers dealing in deception and unfair practices, which is different from a dealership that sells you a defective vehicle. Both of these situations are different as there are different rules and regulations for each.

Unless you have never bought a lemon car, you likely do not understand the frustration and anger of the consumer. In addition to state rules and regulations, the federal government prohibits car dealerships from hiding the mechanical condition of your car, the terms of the sale, or the existence of a warranty for the car you just bought. If false information about the vehicle you purchased is present, you need to seek the services of a Lemon Law attorney.

You Have Consumer Rights If You Purchase a Lemon Vehicle

You bought a new or gently used car only to find out that you possibly purchased a lemon vehicle. The dealership may or may not be aware of this lemon vehicle. You can file for damages against the dealership or the manufacturer if the dealership cannot fix your car and the manufacturer refuses to reimburse the money you spent on this lemon car.

You notify your dealership, but the dealership fails to honor your warranty or service contract, and the service department cannot repair your car’s defects; you can file a claim for money damages against the dealership or the manufacturer. But, you must contact a Lemon Law attorney to protect your rights.

You cannot fight big dealerships or manufacturers without a seasoned attorney by your side. The dealership and manufacturer will have their team of attorneys fighting for them, so they do not have to pay you a dime. You cannot fight this battle without an attorney. Your Lemon Law attorney knows how to fight this battle, and if this attorney is seasoned and experienced, your case will not drag out for months before you win your case.

Your Consumer Rights

Before you and your attorney file a compensation claim, you must know your rights as a consumer and know that you have the right,

  • To document all of the failed repair attempts
  • To obtain a second certified inspection
  • To negotiate the best possible settlement
  • To receive compensation for a fair amount of time. Manufacturers and some dealerships do not want to pay you any more money than possible. They would rather pay you nothing. Because of this, car dealers and manufacturers know how to delay payment to you for as long as possible. They create unnecessary delays, present dubious legal arguments, and offer you a less than appropriate settlement.
  • To turn down less than appropriate settlements.
  • To receive an appropriate settlement.
  • To have a court hear your case when the manufacturer or dealership fails to meet your appropriate demands.
  • To receive a dependable and safe vehicle.
  • To repurchase a vehicle like your lemon vehicle.
  • To receive a new and identical vehicle from the manufacturer.
  • To a refund for registration fees, taxes, and all payments made to your financial institution.
  • Another right we may be able to get for you is called cash and keep. You retain possession of the vehicle and receive a cash payment to compensate for the defect.

Never Allow a Car Manufacturer or Car Dealership Off the Hook by Not Paying You What You Deserve

These California Lemon Law attorneys value you and your situation, and while no lemon law case is the same, we individually craft settlements according to your lawsuit. We enjoy educating our clients about California’s Lemon Laws. We have a long list of winning settlements for prior clients who purchased a lemon vehicle. We are not afraid to go against large car dealerships or car manufacturers.

We will work closely with you to win your lemon car settlement in an appropriate amount of time. We do not allow the attorneys for car manufacturers and car dealerships to drag out your case because they would rather not pay you a settlement.

California’s Lemon Laws are complex and complicated, and for this reason, you need to give us a call to protect your consumer rights and get you the settlement you deserve. We understand the quirky California Lemon Laws, and we know how to work with other attorneys, dealerships, and manufacturers.

While there are several car manufacturers across the United States, a handful of these manufacturers are repeatedly sued for making and selling lemon vehicles. We know how these groups think and how they respond to claims when our clients file for compensation. We know what to expect from these companies, and we know how to fight for you.


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