What Size Air Compressor Do You Need To Paint A Car?


Painting a car requires the right size air compressor for excellent results. This is because painting a car is not like painting a house or a piece of wood; it requires the right equipment. Without that, you will not achieve how you desire your car to look once painted. Before embarking on painting, you have to follow the procedures according to powertoolwiki.com.

To paint a car, you will require the right-sized air compressor to bring the best out of your car’s exterior. If you end up considering an air compressor with a small-sized tank, you will not be able to paint your car entirely in one go. However, if you want to paint your car in parts, then a small-sized air compressor will work well. If you are a DIY enthusiast considering painting your car at home, go for an air compressor with a big sized tank to avoid disappointments.

What Size Air Compressor Do You Need To Paint a Car?

To spray your entire at one go, you will require an air compressor with a big size capacity. This means it will be able to accommodate more gallons to cover the whole job once. It does not matter which car you have; the bottom line is you must consider an air compressor having a gallon capacity. Don’t go for anything smaller because you will end up taking a long time before finishing up painting your entire car.

You have to get a robust air compressor that surpasses the capacity required for your car paint job. It would be best if you did not go for a small-sized tank because of its disadvantages, the main being getting overrun with issues on the clear coat stage. Irregular spraying spoils the paint with patchiness; that is why you need a big tank size to help you finish painting with one go. A large tank may cost you more, but the best part is, it will cover your entire car within no time.

Considerations for air compressor size for painting a car

There is more than knowing what size air compressor for painting your car. There are other considerations to look into to achieve a successful car painting job. When looking for the right size of your air compressor for painting your car, bear in mind the following tips.

Tank size

The tank’s size on the air compressor means everything when it comes to spraying your car, making it the primary consideration. Going for an air compressor with a big tank will help you complete the job at a go. A small tank will not finish the job and will also make your car have an uneven paint application. When spraying your car at home, I am sure that you aim to spray the car once to finish that job. If that’s the case, then a big tank will work better, delivering the results you want.


Horsepower relates to the capacity of work an air compressor can handle at a single-car painting task. You can choose a low horsepower air compressor as long as it can deliver the required pressure. It does not mean that horsepower with a higher rating is better because what makes a horsepower stand out is its work. However, it is good to go for an air compressor with a substantial horsepower, for it can accomplish the job better.

CFM rating

When choosing the size of the air compressor suitable to paint your car, consider the CFM rating. Go for a high CFM rating, which ensures that the air compressor inflates more air that way, painting your car entirely in a single pass. A low CFM rating air compressor is not ideal, for it causes poor finishing. Therefore, if you want to achieve the best results after painting your car, work with an air compressor having a high CFM rating.

Spray gun

For your spray gun to perform best, match it with the given compressor specifications. You should also note a professional spray gun can work quite well with a smaller capacity air compressor and still deliver the best results. It is the spray gun that will determine how thick the coat will be after spraying. That is why you should choose a spray gun with interchangeable tips, for it will help you achieve the thickness you want and enable you to get the desired results.

Air pressure

Air pressure is usually defined by PSI ratings; hence you should opt for an air compressor having a higher volume though with reduced pressure. A spray painter with this kind of pressure enables you to achieve the desired results without blowing too high pressure. An excellent air compressor requires minimal air pressure to perform well.

Final thought

For your car painting job to be successful, you need to have the right size air compressor. This will make the job get done in a single pass and also enable you to achieve the best results. Do not work with an underrated air compressor because you will be disappointed with the work you will have done once you are done with spraying your car. Choosing the wrong-sized air compressor will make you not achieve notable results, not forgetting that you will not complete the job.

It is essential to look at the actual task of painting a car before considering the idea of painting. With the right tools, you will not only complete your job the same day but also have excellent finishing. Invest in the right size air compressor if you want your car looking as good as new. Choose an air compressor with a high capacity tank plus an enormous horsepower; that way, you will be impressed with the excellent task you will accomplish of painting your car.

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