What To Do After A Car Accident [Checklist]

Car accidents can be fatal and result in short to long-term disabilities. The impact of a car on your car creates a shockwave that can make you hit your head, chest, limbs, and other body parts across hard surfaces, resulting in bruises and broken bones. It is even worse when you are not at fault for your accident and someone else’s careless mistakes resulted in your injuries. When you get into a frightening car crash, you should start taking steps towards building evidence for a settlement claim if you believe you are not at fault. Your car accident attorney will then help you throughout the settlement claim process.

Immediately Take Pictures

After your car crash, you will need to take pictures that highlight the property damage caused by the accident. Take photos of your car and any other vehicles that were involved. You will also want to take pictures of the license plates on each car in case you didn’t get the contact information of the other driver. Also, make sure you take pictures of the debris on the road, the positioning of the cars, tire marks, obstacles, and any other things to note that would be of great interest to an investigator. They can use these images to create a story of how the accident happened.

Call the Police

If someone hasn’t already, get the police on the scene. The officer will write a police report describing how the accident occurred. You will want to provide your honest input so that the police officer hears your side of the incident. This will be helpful evidence for you later on.

Ask Witnesses For Contact Information

If any witnesses saw the crash or its aftermath, get their information. It is always useful to have a witness either provide their account of the crash or a testimony. Their input will provide additional evidence for your claim.

Get the Other Party’s Contact Information

In addition to getting contact information from the other driver, get the phone number of their insurance company. You will most likely be seeking compensation from their insurer, not the driver.

Seek Medical Help

You should get medical help to treat your injuries and also to help you know how badly injured you were. Your medical bills will be a big part of your settlement. You can also take pictures of your wounds and provide that as additional evidence for your settlement.

Gather Information On Your Damages

If you missed time from work and expect to for several more weeks or months, try to calculate the cost of how much this will be. Also, if you feel depression, shame, grief, or other terrible emotions, write down this experience. This is because your pain and suffering and income loss will also be included in the total settlement amount.

Work With an Attorney

When you are seeking compensation, your car accident lawyer can help you get maximum compensation by proving that the other party is at fault. They will use all of the estimated damages you gathered, calculate the total settlement, and seek compensation from the other party’s insurer.

Additional Information for Car Accident Victims

You don’t have to struggle with your personal injury alone. After a car accident, you can consult with an attorney on the next steps. Click atlantapiattorney.com/car-accidents/ for more information.