What to Do After a Truck Accident

Getting into any type of accident is a terrifying and dangerous experience, but if you are in a passenger vehicle and are in an accident with a commercial truck like an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, the accident can be catastrophic at even very low speeds that would otherwise be a “fender bender” between two passenger vehicles. The process of filing an insurance claim with a commercial trucking insurance company is as different as the accident itself, and you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the complexities that you will need to make sense of.

The following is a list of things that you should do after a truck accident, as soon as possible. You will likely experience some significant financial discomfort as a result of your accident, and acting quickly to put your affairs in order will make the rest of the process less stressful for you so that you can focus on recovery. Visit Lee, Gober & Reyna, PLLC to get experienced and aggressive legal support in Texas, or contact them via their website in order to request a free initial consultation.

Get Medical Attention

The most important thing to do after any type of accident is to make sure that you get the medical attention that you need. Obviously, seeing a doctor is the best way to make sure that you are given the right type of care so that you can make a full recovery, but there are even more benefits that you may not realize.

Primarily, the most important benefit other than actually getting medical help is that you are establishing a record of your injuries that will be extremely important during your claims process. An insurance company will not pay for injuries that they do not have proof of, so gather as much documentation as possible for each injury that you plan to claim.

Contact a Law Firm Immediately

Most people think that they should file an insurance claim as quickly as possible so that they can get the process underway and get a settlement sooner. While expediency is certainly important during this entire process, you will benefit from taking an extra few days to find a lawyer who will help you get what you actually deserve. Insurance companies take aggressive measures to limit the amount of money that they issue for a claim, and yours will be no different.

Many Texas personal injury firms offer free consultations so that you can speak with a lawyer about your situation and get a better idea of how they will help you get the money you are entitled to.

File an Insurance Claim

Once you have hired an attorney, they will be able to file a claim on your behalf and represent you every step of the way. When you have a legal professional handling this process, you can focus on recovering without the additional stress and emotional burden of trying to deal with a claims adjuster and the unavoidable negotiations that are coming if you hope to get the money you actually deserve, and not just what they want to pay you.