What to Do After a Wrongful Death Accident

In many cases, accidents happen due to the recklessness of the driver. This recklessness also involves hitting a person on the street and running away in what is typically referred to as a hit-and-run.

It is quite painful as a family member to find out that your loved one was killed in an accident that could have been easily avoidable.

If your loved one died due to a wrongful death accident, please contact a Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer immediately as you may be entitled to some compensation.

Below are the detailed steps to take after a wrongful death accident:

Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you don’t have one already, the first thing to do after a hit and run is to contact a wrongful death attorney. A lawyer can do a good job, but an attorney specializing in wrongful death cases is more suitable.

Get an experienced attorney to review the case with you and pursue a lawsuit. The attorney will tell you the ins and outs of wrongful death law in the state the accident happened as well as the processes and requirements of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Begin an Independent Investigation

You may choose to begin an independent investigation by contacting your insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault party. If your insurance company cannot tell you in clear terms who is to blame after a hit and run, an independent investigation will do just that.

Get evidence from pictures taken from the accident scene, police reports, videos, medical documents and eye witness reports. Your lawyer will assist you in the process by reaching out to the police, hospitals and even eyewitnesses.

File a Lawsuit

You can file a lawsuit if you believe that your family member died from a hit-and-run. However, you need to have evidence of negligence to your claims. In many cases, the fact the driver ran away from the site of the accident is enough evidence already.

It may be an emotionally intense moment for you and your family, but it is your right to file a wrongful death lawsuit for the at-fault party to pay compensation. Your lawyer will do most of the work, but you have to be present in all the processes. If you cannot find the driver, your lawyer will make claims to your insurance company to avoid the hassle that comes with searching for the driver. Compensation covers psychological trauma, funeral costs and all medical expenses.

Get Full and Fair Compensation

After your attorney runs you through the wrongful death laws, you should be clear on how much compensation you are expected to get. Sometimes, the at-fault party or the insurance company may try convincing you to settle for less. Don’t fall for it.

Work closely with your attorney and make sure that you meet all the requirements needed for a wrongful death lawsuit. Remember, it is your right to get full compensation for wrongful death.