What to Look for in New Car


Congratulations! You’ve done your research, used a car buying service, and found the ideal list of your favourite vehicles. Now comes the fun part: considering every aspect of your list of new cars to see which one works best for you!

So what do you look for? What features should you consider? How do you know what’s good and what’s bad for your lifestyle? Our list has the answers to help you know what to look for in a new car!

Seven Things to Look For in a New Car

The Initial & Long-Term Cost of the Vehicle

Crunch the numbers and consider the costs of purchasing the vehicle and the maintenance that will come with it. Although new cars come with warranties from the manufacturer, you should always consider how much it costs to use and maintain your vehicle (eg. the price of fuel, when you got to change the tires, and most importantly, what isn’t covered under warranty). Only by assessing these in-depth costs can you know if the vehicle is worth the investment or not.

The Make & Model

Each car model and make has different features, be it a four-wheel-drive or electrical fuel. Your job is to consider what perks come with the makes and models and if they suit your lifestyle and needs. A sports car would be ideal for a young couple or single person, while a truck or van is best for a family. Consider how the make and model of the car will suit your lifestyle and if you need it or not.

What You’re Getting as Part of the Deal

Many car dealerships, whether used cars or new, are happy to offer deals and packages when buying cars. The question you have to ask yourself, is what are you getting as part of the deal? Check out https://www.mechanicalbooster.com/2022/08/new-vs-used-car.html to learn more about the respective pros and cons of purchasing a new or used car. Are you getting new tires, a long-term warranty or saving a few hundred (or thousand) dollars? Consider the deal at hand to see if it’s worth it for the new vehicle. Check long-term warranty options on https://chaiz.com/bumper-to-bumper-warranties.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

You want to know if the manufacturer of the vehicle has a positive record with their cars. We’re referring to the likes of longevity, quality (and cost) of parts and materials, and overall performance. Do your research to determine if the manufacturer is worth you investing in their vehicle.

Safety Features

Being safe on the road is one of the most important things to consider, so it makes sense that you would check what comes with the new car. Are their advanced brakes that automatically stop? Airbags? A backup camera or parking assist that provides you with a clear view of what is around your vehicle? Consider what safety features come with the new car and if it is up to your standards and requirements.

Under the Hood Factors

Knowing what is under the hood of your car is vitally important so you know what kind of car you’ll be driving and handling. Consider the basic essentials firstly: is it automatic or manual? (if you can’t drive “stick”, then choose an automatic vehicle). What type of engine is it? It is a V4, V6, V8 or V12 engine? Then look at the drive type, such as 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive. All these factors will affect how your vehicle will operate on the road, so it’s best to know what to expect.

The Little Perks

All new cars come with little perks that just make your ride a little more enjoyable. It could include things like keyless entry, remote start, entertainment (such as XM Satellite radio, navigation system or mobile wi-fi), sunroof, tinted windows or eco-fuel. See what you like to have in your new ride.

We hope that this guide can help you find and choose the right new car for you. The most important advice we can give you is to conduct plenty of research, ask important questions and crunch the numbers, so you get the car you want. Good luck with your search!



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