What To Look Out For In 2019 Formula 1


While car launches are a reason to be excited about the upcoming Formula 1 season, there are
several interesting developments to look out for in 2019. With the cars unveiled, drivers
confirmed and teams having tested their new models, the formula 1 2019 season is ready to start.

Here are just a few things to expect this season:

More Overtaking

With the revised aerodynamic rules aimed at increasing overtaking, cars will have higher, wider
and simplified rear and front wings to let them race close to each other. That will make
overtaking easier, though some teams still believe it won’t have a huge difference.
Addressing overtaking issues is a key point for F1 to offer more intriguing action to its fans.
However, its failure or success will be a huge technical aspect this season. It’s also worth
keeping in mind the issue of thermal degradation of tires in addressing overtaking.

Fastest Lap Bonus

For the first time since the ’50s, a driver will win an extra point for the fastest lap. The driver
must emerge among the top 10, and with margins being tight, a hot run seems like an attractive
prospect in May.

During the first decade of the world championship, the fastest lap earned an extra point, making
a huge difference in the performance of the drivers. In fact, Mike Hawthorn beat Stirling Moss in
1958 by posting two fastest laps more than moss, thereby winning the title.

Competitive Midfield

When testing, Ferrari had the edge over their rivals, Mercedes while red bull seems stronger with
a fast and reliable engine from Honda. The top three teams remain very competitive, and F1
enthusiasts can use the Betway Motorsport betting to place their wagers while enjoying the race.
With F1’s big three remaining alone at the forefront, the gap to the midfield is narrowing. In the
2019 season, we can expect the fight to be tighter than ever. Haas and Renault's engines are
strong, but Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo, and McLaren have made a definitive move forward.

Fireworks at Ferrari

Following an impressive performance last year in his rookie season, Ferrari’s Protégé Charle
Leclerc will be racing against Sebastian Vettel. The 21-year-old Monegasque didn’t show any
signs of intimidation, virtually matching the German. However, it’s likely Vettel won’t react well
to losing to a junior teammate. That‘s potentially a must-watch drama in this season.

New Britons On The Grid

Lando Norris had a huge year after proving himself in the Junior Formula E, but now he must
cope with the pressure of having a seat at McLaren. Gorge Russel will also have a daunting task
at Williams driving the slowest car on the grid, after winning the F2 title last year. The two

Britons are potential heirs to Lewis Hamilton, so how they manage their first season will have a
huge impact on their future. It will also be very fascinating to watch them race and place bets on

Time For The Race

With the first Grand Prix in 2019 F1 schedule taking place in Melbourne on Sunday 17 th March,
this season promises a lot of exciting stuff. There will be 21 races to watch, with the final race of
the season taking place at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on 1 st December.

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