What You Need to Know About Ranger Roller Shutters in 2022


Today, people move around a lot in trucks. Be it for the purpose of shifting goods or traveling around the country – but, there’s always this concern that someone would steal your things. Moreover, it’s normal that people place their belongings in the back trunk of trucks, just to see things vanish when they’re away.

This clearly shows that it’s a risk to throw your gear in the open back of your truck. One way of compensating for this is to use some sort of a canopy or customized tray. But, most people want something slick and stylish that’s protective at the same time.

For this reason of protection in a style-oriented way, you should buy ranger roller shutter in Australia. Roller shutters are a clean and stylishly modern custom choice for tray.

Let’s discuss the features of roller shutters to better acquaint you with them.

Secure Your Belongings

The chief benefit of using roller shutters is that you ensure the proper protection of your gear in the back.

The roller shutter in its electric version automatically gets mounted on top of the trunk – to cover the whole surface area. A well-designed anti-theft seal is adjusted right at the ending edge of your truck. All this makes the back system so protective that it’s very much difficult for anyone to make way inside the tray.

The material with which the roller panels are made is high-quality aluminum. These shutters also feature a locking system that can be included on demand. This way, you can be free from the hassle of using your keys every time you open or close the shutters.

The big thing again is the peace of mind that no one would steal your belongings, and you can be tension-free while away going about your business.

Weather Proof Quality

In Australia, the weather gets extremely hot, apart from the rainy and winter cold season. Harsh weather conditions do damage your gear placed in the back of your truck.

The Ranger roller shutters feature this drainage system and a well-designed structure on purpose – to make the back tray water-proof. These shutters make sure your belongings are not adversely affected by the tough weather conditions.

Spacious and Robust

The material used in the miniaturization of roller shutters is aluminum. And the quality of this material that’s used is premium. Also, the aluminum is lightweight – to the Ford Ranger truck owners’ benefit.

The weight that these Ford Ranger shutters add to your vehicle overall is only 35 kilos. These roller shutters are designed in such a way that they neatly cover the top of the back.

The durable properties of these shutters make them robust enough to act as a shielding wall against harsh environmental conditions.


You don’t always have the sunlight available to be able to clearly see everything amongst the gear. Therefore, the Ranger roller shutters can feature LED lights to illuminate the back tub.

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