When Buying a Power Adapter, Keep These 5 Points in Mind


When you own a caravan, you’ve got to know how to correctly power it so you can enjoy all of its appliances and electronics in various settings. By using a power adaptor, you can connect to standard outlets while following legal and safety regulations. Learn about the features and benefits of power adaptors so you can make the right purchase for your caravan.

Learn How Your Caravan Is Powered

Many modern caravans and RVs have features like microwaves, televisions and air conditioners which draw a significant amount of power. Typically you cannot use these high-powered items unless your caravan is directly connected to power. To keep these appliances running, your caravan was likely constructed to connect with 15A outlets. However, while caravan parks often have 15A hook-ups that you can use directly, many standard outlets, including those in most homes, deliver 10A power. When you need electricity and don’t have access to a 15A outlet, you can use a caravan power adaptor that allows you to utilise a 10A power supply correctly.

Connect to Outlets Safely and Legally

Don’t make the mistake of using a modified connection to hook up your 15A caravan to a 10A outlet. It’s illegal in Australia, and for a good reason. Improperly wired electrical connections can damage your property and might even cause a fire. It’s not safe for you, your home or your caravan to use this type of illegal connection. You could also lose insurance protection on any damages that occur. Instead, use the appropriate power adaptor to stay safe and legal when hooking up your 15A caravan to a 10A outlet.

Select the Right Product for You

Take care to select the appropriate product when buying a power adaptor for your caravan. Don’t forget that some machinery and construction equipment also have 15A circuits, and there are power adaptors available that are suitable for worksites and industrial settings but not appropriate for travellers. Many of these power adaptors are made for indoor purposes and shouldn’t be used when powering your caravan outside. Instead, look for a durable adaptor that is fully weatherproof and designed for outdoor usage.

Enjoy Greater Freedom on Holiday

In addition to allowing you to power your caravan at home, a weatherproof power adaptor makes it easier to move about freely when you’re on holiday. Finding a 15A outlet can be a challenge in some locations, and you don’t want to restrict your trip to caravan parks. On the other hand, encountering 10A outlets to use on the road can be much easier. A caravan allows you to travel anywhere in comfort and style as long as you have access to electricity. Whether you’re visiting friends or family across the country or exploring remote locales, a power adaptor can help your caravan function wherever you go.

For Best Results, Add a Surge Protector

While you need a power adaptor to connect your caravan to a 10A outlet properly, you should also invest in the right kind of surge protector. Fast, intense spikes in voltage are known as surges which are caused by irregularities in the power grid like heavy machinery and motor use and lightning strikes. These power surges can harm your equipment by causing it to short circuit. Surge protectors can prevent damage by re-directing the voltage spike. Therefore, if you want to protect your caravan from all electrical faults, it’s essential to use both a power adaptor and a surge protector.

Today’s caravans have impressive features that make travel flexible and comfortable. Ensure you protect your property and yourself by connecting to outlets legally and safely with a weatherproof power adaptor.


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