When Should I Get an Attorney for a Car Accident?

Due to its overall consequences, getting into a car accident is one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through. This is especially true if the accident ends up inflicting apparent physical injuries and financial damage on you or your loved ones.

But there’s a silver lining. When an auto accident occurs, you can reach out to specialized attorneys to help you seek damages for your troubles. These legal experts can help you recover related costs through their experience and skills and make the healing process easier for you.

If you live in Florida, it’s essential to know when to call a Tampa car wreck lawyer. The following information helps you understand the related nuances and ensures that you can call for help when you need it the most.

In Florida, You File Most Personal Injury Claims Against Your Own Insurer

It’s critical to keep in mind that Florida is a no-fault state. This means that save for a few circumstances; you do not file a personal injury claim against the offending party in a car accident. Instead, you register it against your own insurance company.

It’s because the Sunshine State requires each car owner to be insured for their personal injury claims. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, the insurance company typically pays for their respective insurer’s related medical and recovery costs through personal injury protection (PIP) claim. This claim covers up to $10,000 in coverage.

As a result, most of your claims go through a strong team of attorneys and adjusters representing your insurance company’s interests. This makes way for an uphill battle to get your rightful compensation, which adds more stress to your experience after a car accident. If your claim goes over the PIP limit, you may also need to involve the other party’s insurance company, which further elevates your troubles.

Hiring a Tampa Car Wreck Lawyer is an Imminent Step After a Road Accident

It’s prudent to remember that you can go at it alone when filing a personal injury claim against your insurance company. But due to the requirements to defend your case and get proper compensation, you must have a personal injury lawyer by your side.

With their legal expertise and experience, these lawyers can provide strong representation for your specific case. Apart from advising you on related compensation and processes, they can also argue for your interests against the insurance teams when there’s a need to do so.

This means that if you experience noticeable damages from an auto accident, it’s crucial to have proper legal experts by your side. This makes the process easier for you and improves your chances of securing a satisfactory settlement in the face of contentious circumstances.

You Can File for a Personal Injury Claim After a Significant Accident

Calling a Tampa car wreck lawyer also helps you in cases where you have inflicted significant damage such as permanent injury or scarring from your accident. In such scenarios, these attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against the offending party and their insurance company, which allows you to seek damages for your injuries and pain and suffering.

This also holds in cases involving wrongful death. If your loved one succumbs to their injuries after a car accident, you can explore your options for litigation against the involved party with an attorney’s help.

The bottom line: If your car accident leaves you with apparent injuries or damage, you should call a personal injury attorney. It not only saves you from significant stress but also ensures that you can get your rightful compensation on time.