When should you scrap your car?


We all know that our cars are significant in our lives. Our cars are there for us in crucial moments when we gain driving experience after the driving license exam, drive to a new job, or pick up our kids from school. All of these moments are memorable, and our cars are there to remind us of our vital daily activities. But what happens when a car stops working? You may ask: “Should I scrap my car?”

There are moments when scraping your car could be the best solution, but you need to make sure that scraping is the right decision. Let’s see what situation is the best for scraping your car.

Your Car Repair Is Too Expensive

If your car requires complicated and expensive repairs, you should consider scraping. Some vehicles are costly to repair because the parts are complex to install or the electronic system is broken. No matter the type of repair, if you need to give a lot of money to your mechanic, then think twice. You should only invest in a cost-effective car.

Scraping can be an ideal choice if your car is:

  • Too old
  • Complicated to repair
  • Not in good driving condition anymore

All the mentioned factors are significant for your future decision. You must know all the advantages and disadvantages of your car so that you can make the right choice.

The Parts Are Hard to Find

Some cars require parts that are very hard to find on the market. In this case, you should think about scraping your car. If you need to wait weeks and months to get the right part, you should turn to scrape. Only if your vehicle is new and if it serves you well can you afford the long waiting time. In any other case, try to avoid waiting for a car part for an old and non-functional car.

Some of the most difficult car parts to find are:

  • Manual transmission
  • Steering shaft
  • Dashboard panel
  • Oil cooler lines

All these parts play an important role in car functioning. If you struggle to find them, it might be an ideal time to scrap your car.

Selling a Car Is Not an Option

It is well-known that new cars lose market value the day they leave the showroom. New vehicles lose value with time and are no longer valuable on the market. The same applies to second-hand vehicles. The more the car is used, the less value it will have. For this reason, scraping could be an ideal solution if you have planned to sell your car but realize that you cannot get much money. If your car is too old to sell, scraping might be a good option.


Next time you ask: “Should I scrap my car?” you may wonder if your car is worth time and money. If you do not want to spend too much time repairing or investing in it, scraping might be a good option. Put your car’s negative and positive sides on paper and decide whether scraping is the best decision to make.

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