Where to Repair Windshields


The windshield in your car is a lot more important than you may realize. Though, speaking realistically, you probably do realize just how important it is. Speaking strictly in a safety sense, you have cleaned that glass before and know just how many bugs and different types of debris accumulate. Any of that stuff on your face is nasty to think about, though also dangerous. So having a windshield in your automobile is crucial, and you definitely don’t want it to experience catastrophic failure while you’re driving. This is why it’s so important to fix things like cracks and chips in the windshield. Who does this work, however? Is it something a mechanic can do, or is it something you’ll have to perform as a DIY Project?

The fact is that they do sell windshield repair kits at local automotive stores, and technically speaking, you can do a DIY fix. It’s not as if every repair needs to result in a windshield replacement, and so thousands of people purchase those kits every single year. Are they doing the right thing? The fact of the matter is that there’s a better, quicker, safer way to have that glass repaired.

An Auto Glass Specialist

The best way to go about having your windshield repaired is to take it to an auto glass professional. Needing your automotive glass repaired and replaced is such a common thing that there are professional niche shops you can find to do the job, such as Super Auto Glass Calgary. These are professionals who get the job done faster, better, and they leave you with a safer windshield due to the seamless repair. It beats a DIY kit in multiple ways. Let’s speak about some of the reasons to choose a pro in the first place.

Things That Can Go Wrong with a DIY Fix

The Damage Might Be Worse Than You See

Any sort of DIY fix has its fair share of things that can go wrong, but the biggest when dealing with a windshield is not realizing the integrity of the glass is completely gone. Depending on the age of the glass, where the damage is at, and how much it has spread, a basic DIY fix isn’t going to save your windshield. This is something the average person doesn’t have the skill to check, while a professional can tell you if that glass is shot and you instead need a windshield replacement.

The Fix Might Not Be Permanent

Another issue your risk by going the DIY route is that the fix you place on the glass might not be permanent. It might look as if things are fixed, but how can you really tell? You don’t have a bunch of specific tools in your garage to check, and you likely don’t have years of experience to clue you in on a bad, temporary fix. This is why it’s much safer and a lot more practical to go see the pros.

It May Take You Much Longer

The professionals are so adept at fixing windshield issues for you that they even have mobile services that will show up to a driveway or parking lot and fix your windshield in a matter of minutes. When speaking about a DIY fix, by the time you read the instructions, prep things, and end up allowing the epoxy to set and clean the glass, it could be an all-day job. You’re spending an entire day on something professionals can do in minutes, and you can just be on your way.

The Windshield May Not Be Seamless

The number-one issue most people face when they apply the fix themselves with one of those kits is that they end up with bumps and ridges on the windshield. Sure, the cracks and chips are filled in, but the fix isn’t seamless. Now you still have a buildup of epoxy that could obstruct your vision when driving.

Windshield repair isn’t overly difficult, but it’s really simple and much safer when you allow the professionals to handle it. Don’t take the integrity of your auto glass for granted. Make sure you’re finding the right pros for the right fix.


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