Which car parts are the most expensive to repair?


Every car owner dreads the moment when they need to visit a repair shop, mostly because what seemed to be small damage might quickly become an expensive problem. Have you ever wondered what are the costly repairs and parts to replace? If not, here you will find some of them – only a few because parts from the “expensive” group are unfortunately numerous.

Expensive, but bearable

Let’s start with the parts that are expensive to repair or replace, but the cost is still bearable. Among them, one of the most popular repairs concerns compressors of air conditioners. Its main role is to raise the temperature as well as the pressure of the refrigerant. The cost of its repair is about $500, and if it breaks down during the summer months, you have not much choice but to pay. Whatever is the case of the malfunctioning compressor, the cost of its repair will not be as low as you wish it would be.

For some reason, the most expensive repairs and replacements are the ones that are necessary. If something cheap breaks down, the car keeps running for the next few months, but if something more costly stops working, the whole vehicle is practically out of use. It’s the case with break lines, which you can repair for roughly $1,000, depending on the cause of the problem. Breaks are one of the most important parts of any car due to safety issues. Brake pads are not that big of a deal in terms of price, but break lines can really empty your wallet. If you want to know more about the repairs of this car part, you can read about it, e.g., here https://www.repairsmith.com/i/blog/brake-line-repair/.

If you are the owner of a vehicle with a catalytic converter, you better save some money for possible repairs. This part can be really expensive when it comes to replacement or servicing. A catalytic converter can cost you even up to $1,500, sometimes even more, depending on the necessary renovations.

Serious repairs

It’s not like the parts mentioned above are not expensive, but in car repair, it can get worse. An example is a head gasket. When it blows, you might prepare yourself for quite an expanse. You can get to know how to check if a head gasket qualifies for replacement, e.g., here https://www.sunautoservice.com/what-is-a-head-gasket/. Once you know it’s time to take your car to a repair shop, which might cost you even up to $2,000.

As it happens, the smallest parts of your car are the most expensive ones. Once your camshaft gives up, you will need to spend from $1,500 to even $3,000 to repair or replace it. However, big prices are not only reserved for the tiniest parts of your vehicle. Repairing suspension might cost you even $3,500, while airbags can leave you up to $4,000 poorer. The prize for the most expensive repair goes to the engine and cylinders. These parts can cost even $10,000, and unfortunately, their proper functioning is integral to the functioning of a car in general, so it’s better to avoid this type of damage.

What constitutes the prices?

It’s worth noting that the high prices include not only the part itself, but also the cost of labor. After all, the mechanics won’t be working for free, and every repair takes much effort and time. Quite often the part itself is rather cheap, but in order to repair or replace it, a car mechanic goes through a lot of trouble. As you see, car repairs can be really expensive, and the worst part is, they are sudden. All these parts break unexpectedly, and you need a big amount of money right away. Therefore, a good idea is to save some money to be prepared. You can use a part of your salary every month or find a way to earn something easily and quickly, e.g., in online casinos like the ones here https://www.vegasslotsonline.com/. They are safe and secure, games are diversified, so everyone can find something for themselves. They have over 10,000 free slots to select from, including car-themed slots, so if you only want to play a few games, you won’t have to worry about spending money. If you want to play for real money, they also have games for that, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to utilize your winnings to pay for auto repairs.

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