Which cars do your favourite pro-poker players drive? 

Poker and especially in the pro ranks has become seriously big business in the last decade, with multiple large TV broadcasters jumping on the poker bandwagon. They noticed that many consumers liked watching poker on their TV, as they could learn something from the pro-players. They enjoyed the intensity and the big money wins. Because of this, pro-poker players have made big money and because of this means that they have got some of the flashiest cars on the market – see which each star below has.

Maybe not known for his poker avenues mainly but more for his Instagram lifestyle, but Dan Bilzerian claims to have made his millions from poker and since become an Instagram influencer. He certainly owns a host of seriously impressive cars in his garage. Bilzerian owns anything from Dodges to Ferraris to Lamborghinis in a $4million worth of cars in his garage, and we don’t think his collection will stop growing at this rate.

Maybe the greatest of all time poker player is Phil Ivey, who is currently driving a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren due to his net worth of $100 million. He has actually won 10 WSOP bracelets and been in the finals of the World Poker Tour a record nine times. There is no surprise he is driving this post-200 mph sports GT car and really reflects what type of personality that Ivey has. Not just this, but Ivey has got a fleet of flash cars including Rolls Royce, Ferraris and Porsches.

Moving over to one of the most famous female poker players, Vanessa Rousso. She invested $3.5 millions of her winnings into her car garage including a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Bentley Continental GT. Not just an impressive garage, but she is also a full qualified attorney and TV personality in which she then married long-term girlfriend Melissa Ouellet on live TV.

Which cars do your favourite pro-poker players drive 2

And finally, Dario Minieri who was one of the youngest to ever win a World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 23 invested his money in his dream car, a 2007 Porsche Caymen S. Although this doesn’t sound as fancy as some of the vehicles on this list, Dario had always dreamed of this car and it was made possible through the use of his poker winnings. The Caymen S has a huge 3.4 litre flat six engine which boasts delicate handling and an impressive drive.