Who is the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles?

Choosing a car accident attorney to help you through the next steps after a car accident is not the easiest task. You are already stressed out by the experience of being in a car accident and now you have to figure out who to hire to help you resolve your case.

The first thing to know is that this is normal. Most drivers in California won’t be involved in more than two or three car accidents during their whole driving life, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to feel confident and comfortable doing something you may never have to do again in life!

But you do need to know what to look for to select the right auto accident attorney for the type of situation you are in. California is not just a strict state when it comes to traffic law, but is also a state where driver error, or “fault,” is an important part of resolving insurance claims.

Read on to learn how to know who is the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles to handle your claim and your case.

Choose a Law Firm That Specializes in Accident and Personal Injury Law

Just as you wouldn’t want your auto mechanic to clean your teeth, you shouldn’t allow a general practice attorney to handle your car accident or personal injury claim.

Each branch of law is quite specific, with an ever-evolving set of laws and legal precedents that guides case outcomes from one day to the next. Some law firms occasionally accept a personal injury case, while others specialize in this area of the law.

When you have been injured in an auto accident, you want and need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who specializes in personal injury as it relates to auto accident law. This is especially the case in the state of California, which is stricter in this area than most other states in the nation.

The degree of fault you are assigned – which may be not at fault, partially at fault or fully at fault – won’t just impact your access to insurance coverage and benefits. It can potentially impact your future right to drive and the auto insurance premiums you pay.

Many factors and variables can play into how fault is assigned in a given auto accident, and the more drivers are involved the more complicated it can get. An experienced car accident lawyer can help mitigate the level of risk you are exposed to as various interested parties work out the details of your claim.

Choose a Law Firm With Excellent Credentials and References

Every day in California, another lawyer graduates from law school, takes and passes the bar exam and hangs out a shingle. This is an exciting day for that lawyer for sure.

But this is not the attorney you want to represent you in your car accident case. You don’t want your case to serve as practice for a newbie attorney. You want to hire a lawyer with a proven track record in successfully resolving issues related to California traffic law.

The best way to ensure you pick an experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is to do your own independent research online. You can visit the law firm’s website to get a feel for their case history and track record, especially in regards to recent positive press.

But also be sure to do your own independent online search to see what past clients have to share about their experiences. Also look for independent third-party reviews on websites like Yelp and Google Rating.

Choose a Law Firm With Efficient, Courteous Customer Service

It is true that there is no substitute for receiving expert guidance from a confident, knowledgable and experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. But it is also important that that lawyer has a responsive team to back them up.

You want to know you can call the law firm office when you need paperwork, information or an appointment. If there is an after-hours emergency or an urgent case update, you want to know you can reach your attorney right away to deliver the information.

The best car accident lawyers understand that accessibility is critical to success when resolving legal matters that include significant financial or medical issues. Right from your first chat session, email exchange or phone call, begin to evaluate whether the customer service at that law firm puts you and your needs first.

Another hallmark of a customer service-focused law firm is providing multi-lingual communication options to ensure language barrier is never a barrier to successful case resolution.

Choose a Law Firm That Has a Vibrant Resume of Recent Positive Case Outcomes

The days when a lawyer would “make their reputation” on winning one successful landmark case are largely past and gone.

You don’t want to hire an attorney that won a significant case or two “back in the day.” You want to select an accident attorney that is in the trenches, out in the field working with traffic law each and every day.

You want to see recent positive verdicts, and not just huge wins but smaller case successes as well. Even if your case isn’t a huge potentially headline-making case, it has already changed your life. You want to choose a law firm that has a balanced caseload to ensure your case will be treated like the priority that it is to you.

Choose a Law Firm That Offers a Free Initial Consultation

Finally, be sure that the law firm you consider hiring to represent you offers a free initial consultation. This is your time to decide if the firm is the right one for your needs and also the time for the attorney to see if they have something to offer you.

In most cases, the initial free consultation will require less than an hour of your time and you will walk away with solid information about the workload and timeline your case may require.

The initial consultation is also your time to decide if you feel you have a good rapport with the attorney and feel confident that they will represent you well and fairly.

Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for Expert Legal Counsel

Choosing a car accident attorney to represent your interests after an accident can be stressful. Your initial free consultation with an attorney shouldn’t be!

Here at West Coast Trial Lawyers, we spend all day every day representing clients just like you who want to resolve their auto accident claims and get on with their lives. We understand the complexities of California’s “fault” stance towards auto accidents and are skilled at applying California traffic law to quickly and effectively resolve claims disputes.

If you have been involved in a car accident and are unsure about next steps, we can help. Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers to schedule your free initial consultation today.