Who Needs A Car When You Can Drive A Golf Cart


Although it is common to find golf carts on golf courses all over the world, their usage and popularity have expanded from transporting golfers around public courses and country clubs to usage that is far more widespread. Fifty years ago they were quite obscure, while day they are a popular form of transportation used for short trips and a utility vehicle used for various activities.

A Quick Backstory on Golf Carts

Golf carts were rarely found on golf courses prior to 1950. JD Wadley from Texarkana, Texas believed that a three-wheeled electric-powered cart used to transport senior citizens could work well on a golf course.

However, his idea didn’t catch on. The use of these carts was still only used by those who could not walk very far. The cart started to be widely used after World War II, when an electric version was introduced by Merle Williams in Redlands, California. Over the following decade, major manufacturers like CT&T, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Taylor Dunn, Club Car, and Cushman introduced their own models.

The first commercial carts that were introduced were all electric, and they are still the most popular kind, with 55 percent of market share. However, gas-powered vehicles are now popular and available on many courses also.

5 Uses for a Golf Cart Other Than Course Driving

Almost from the time they were first introduced, golf carts quickly become popular for more than just golfers. One major Midwest dealership says that 40 percent of golf carts are used off-course.

Some of the uses include the following:


Easy to park and economical to operate, golf carts offer dependable transportation in between sites for maintenance crews and multi-unit property managers.

Senior Communities

Golf carts were adopted very quickly at senior communities as a major mode of transportation. They often have trials for their specific use.  Usually, these carts are the preferred mode of transportation in island communities as well assuming they meet the street legal requirements for golf carts. Some essentials include working lights, DOT tires, Speedometer and a horn among other things.

Courtesy Vehicles

Campground owners, airports, country clubs, hotels, and visitors at other venues frequently use golf carts for transporting guests around their properties.

Security Patrols

On private campuses and college campuses that have off-site parking, golf carts provide safe transportation to vehicles. They also provide a convenient form of security surveillance at mall parking lots.

Wedding Transportation

Golf carts that seat as many as 14 passengers are now available and are now an easy way to transport wedding guests or the wedding party over short distances. For instance, from the ceremony to the reception when they are located on the same property.

General transportation – In many areas, it has become legal to drive golf carts on the street, which means they are not a very economical form of transportation. In order to be considered street legal, golf carts must meet the federal standards for minimum speed, safety features, and lights. Although they cannot be used on freeways, they are a good option for going to the store or on short trips around your neighborhood.

Golf carts are being shown to be a great mode of local transportation that goes well beyond the golf course.

Additional Resources:

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