Why A BMX Bike Is Different Than Your Regular Bike


The pandemic has affected a lot of people and may have forever changed their lives. While some lost their jobs, others had much worse, like losing some of their loved ones because of the virus. But the hope of finally getting back to normal life has become much more possible. Vaccines are finally getting distributed, and this nightmare of a virus may finally be gone and left in the history books. 

After this all over, you might want to do some recreational activities to take your mind off the pandemic. If you are into biking, then consider buying a BMX. Mountain bikes may be your go-to bikes when going off-road, but when it comes to doing tricks and stunts, a BMX is your go-to bike. You can also use them on an off-road track if you buy the right BMX bike. A normal observer may not notice the difference between a regular and a BMX bike except maybe for their size, but those who are professionals in the biking world know what they are, and these differences make them the perfect trick and stunt bike.

BMX is built to be lightweight

A normal bike would typically have a long tube on its frame of about 45 inches, but for the bmx, it would typically be 20 inches. The shorter tube means stunt cyclists can swing their bike 360 degrees in mid-air without the fear of falling and the possibility of damaging the bike frame. A small frame also means less weight on the bike, making you pick up speed in a shorter distance between your jumps. The bike’s material also means jumps and tricks are easier to execute.

BMX is built to be durable

When you are doing many stunts and tricks, you better make sure that the bike you are using is durable. You do not want to make a landing on the ground and break your bike. That is just an invitation card for you to be delivered to the hospital.

The typical material used to make the bike is a molybdenum alloy, lightweight and very durable, perfect for stunt biking.

For freestyle light BMX bikes, the material used for its frame is a chrome steel alloy, an incredibly lightweight material that is also very strong and durable.

BMX has wheels that are built to be powerful

BMX wheels are not the same as those that you see in standard bicycles. They can vary depending on how you want to use them. When you want to go off-road, a knobby tire with a small wheel would be your typical choice since it can grip the dirt perfectly in off-road tracks.

On the other hand, Flatland BMX bikes are made for going on roads and pavements, so too much grip is not necessary. Their tires are made to be smoother, giving the rider the ability to spin while on the ground with less friction.

BMX wheels also have rims that are durable and powerful. They could split if they are too weak, which can be very dangerous since you will encounter many bumps when you do this sport.

BMX biking can be exciting and challenging simultaneously, which is why many people love to do this sport. So, if you are someone who loves biking, add this sport to your life. You might just find your next favourite hobby.

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