Why Agrati Should Be Chosen For Automotive Fasteners


There are thousands of different automotive fasteners on the market and for good reason. Every manufacturer is different and uses its own fastenings. When there is a need to create something on an automobile, it’s essential to find the right automotive fasteners.

Fortunately, that’s easy with Agrati. All that is necessary is to find the matching part and order it. There are several reasons why Agrati should be the first choice for automotive fasteners.

Their History

Agrati has been trading since 1939. It started life in Brianza, Italy as a mechanical engineering company. At first, being small, it supplied just wood screws, carpentry parts and rod linkages. This created a fantastic base knowledge of fasteners and enabled the company to gradually diversify into automotive fasteners.

Today the company has a strong foundation and has 12 production plants with 5 logistics centers, offering fasteners across the globe.

It is dedicated to sustainability, engaging in compliance with environmental, social and governance best practices and with the ambition of reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2039.

In short, they don’t just know what they are doing, they have the reputation to back it up. That means peace of mind when ordering from them. Everyone is certain to get high-quality fasteners.


Despite the size of the business it remains family orientated and they specialize in maintaining competitive pricing. It’s probably impossible to find an automotive fastener of the same quality cheaper.

Range of Products

Agrati offers an impressive array of fasteners, from screws and bolts to nuts. They also have an extensive collection of coatings and even various molding solutions.

Perhaps most impressive is their dedication to creating co-development opportunities. If any consumer has a specific need they will work with them to create whatever automotive fastening is needed.

It’s worth noting they currently work with automotive OEMs, automotive TIERs, industrial applications, and they have an impressive selection of fasteners for commercial vehicles.

Dedication To The Future

It’s not just the fasteners that this company can offer. Agrati is also dedicated to the future. They are continually researching and innovating new fasteners to meet the demands of modern vehicles.

Their ability to invest in the future is what ensures the availability of the right fastener today and the business will still be there to help everyone in the future.

Business Values

Agrati is committed to supplying the very latest fasteners, made using the latest technology, and assured to last. Their reputation is built into every product they sell, providing both peace of mind and an assurance that this is a reputable company.

Their aim is consistent: the satisfaction of every customer that metaphorically walks through their door.


As climate change and other environmental issues become increasingly important it’s important to track the companies trying to make a difference. Agrati is one such company. It is dedicated to sustainability, engaging in compliance with environmental, social and governance best practices and with the ambition of reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2039.

This makes them the right choice for the environment and for part quality. The bottom line is simple, it is difficult to find a company more passionate about automotive fasteners.

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