Why Cars Make an Impression on Girls


A man pulls up to date in a brand-new car and the girl swoons. We’ve seen it in movies as well as in real life. Why does this make such an impression on girls? Well, there are numerous reasons, but you have to understand the connection between the man and the image he is trying to promote. Consider these reasons that cars get an effect from women and you’ll get some insight into a man’s mindset. 

The Vehicle Affects the Perception of a Man and his Perceived Attractiveness

To recognize the way that a vehicle impacts a man’s impression on a woman, you have to understand that the visual look impacts the overall attractiveness of a man. People that are dressed well, take care of their hygiene, and have a great looking car will appear to be more stable, wealthy, and attractive than other men. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way that things work. So, the nicer the car, the better the man looks in the eyes of his date, up to a certain point. You can only compensate for other elements of your looks so much by shrouding them in a car, after all. Still, it’s important to know that your method of transport can affect your looks for the better. 

Cars Are an Extension of Ourselves 

Another thing to remember is that people see your car as an extension of you. Guys that drive nice, clean vehicles are going to get attention because that means their life is orderly, interesting, and able to afford this type of car. That’s why any man that is using an online dating website to find a partner should always take care to include some pictures of him in his car. Now, you don’t have to make the car a focal point of the pictures, but it’s certainly a great idea for you to make sure your date knows your ride before you pick her up.

Top 5 Cars to Attract Any Woman You Like. 

There are plenty of cars that just have the look and name that will make a woman have a positive reaction. However, not every guy out there is going to spend $500 a month on a car payment if they don’t have the money. That’s why quickflirt.com has created a list of 5 affordable cars that will make an impression on a girl’s first date. Use this list to get an idea of the kind of vehicles that will attract women. 

  • BMW Z4
  • Mercedes- AMG GT
  • Nissan GT-R50
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Ford Mustang

There are numerous other cars to add to this list, and you’ll always want to separate and examine them according to the model that they’ve released. The newest cars aren’t always the best, and as long as you take care of the car, it will look great for you. If you want to get deeper into the psychological aspects of women and vehicles, you’ll also be wise to examine the ways that color impacts perception.

Cars impact the mentality that women have towards men because they can see what kind of person they’re meeting. If they drive an expensive car, then they have money. If they have a fast car, then they’re the type of man that likes to be adventurous. While this will not hold for everyone, it’s always good to know about the kind of person that pulls up to take you dating, and you can be very swift in identifying your date and the type of person they are.

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