Why Do Exclusive Cars Turn on Girls?

If you want to enjoy positive vibes and have fun on your first date, if you wish your date goes smoothly, you should put forth and prepare for your seemingly perfect night. Many women wait for a guy who will be with a bouquet, in nice clothing, and driving an exclusive car. That’s what can turn women on.

Of course, not every girl will be so scrupulous about such details on the first date, but it doesn’t hurt to take some tips into account. Let’s focus on the cars that turn on girls. This website has shared information about why exclusive cars can impress any girl!

What Is More Attractive for a Woman: You or Your Car?

In general, for a more or less objective approach to the topic, a range of key experts interviewed ten women on how, in their opinion, the first date should go to be impressed. It turned out that 90% of the surveyed women will pay attention to appearance and manners. Everyone will appreciate neatness (clean hands and nails, hair, pleasant aroma of perfume).

Among the main factors influencing girls’ choice in favor of a second meeting are some male character traits and ways of behavior. However, based on the same survey, 40% of women will go on a second date if a man has an exclusive car. So, if a young man is open, friendly, with a good sense of humor, generous, not fixated only on himself, but shows a sincere interest in a companion, and also has a nice car. The chances of subsequent date nights are very high. Additionally, among the attractive features, women named a pleasant voice and ability to flirt. So

Cars Are an Extension of Ourselves

Having a nice car means that a man knows how to earn exclusive things, work hard, and do a job perfectly. A good car is only a continuation of the merits and could be considered as an extension of the personality. Usually, an individual who owns an exclusive car is distinguished by certain psychological characteristics and creates an environment that builds high self-esteem, dignity, and confidence. ‘Self-esteem’ reveals itself in the features of the cognitive, affective, and conative spheres of the personality.

Everything we encounter is a prompt to recognize and then revise and refine what we believe and think. Then, by extension, we create a framework of ourselves through which we engage and influence our conceptual and perceptual experience of reality. Thus the tools that we use are also the extensions of ourselves, including the self-driving exclusive car.

Top 5 Exclusive Cars to Impress Any Girl

You can find lots of different cars to attract ladies’ attention. And, yes, women love driving in fast and exclusive cars. With this being said, here is a list of top exclusive cars that you can drive to impress any woman:

1. Porsche 911

2. Honda NSX

3. Ford Mustang (the older, the better)

4. BMW Z4

5. Aston Martin DB9

Statistics Confirm that Exclusive Cars Turn On Girls

According to statistics, women like when a guy knows how to drive a car, and the type of the car affects their dating ability. Most of the women prove that if a man drives a nice vehicle, at some point, the car makes a guy look more attractive to them.

But what a woman will not be delighted with and will probably refuse a second date is impudence, obscene language, stories about an ex, etc. However, even a story about previous passions can tell much more about a man than his ideal car and impeccable behavior.

Final Thoughts

Lifehack for men: our exclusive car may win you a second date but do not tell everything about yourself. You can create a veil of mystery to attract a girl’s attention. That does not mean that you need to hide something and not answer direct questions, save some biographical facts for the next dates. During the next date, you will have something to fill the conversation with. Better yet, demonstrate your dignity in practice: for example, surprise her with the recitation of your poems or take a drive through the most beautiful places in the city.