Why Experience Matters When Choosing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

According to Data from the California Highway Patrol, the top 3 cities in San Diego for accidents are Sand Diego, Oceanside and Chula Vista.

Of the three, San Diego has the largest population, and so it’s not a surprise it leads in the number of injury count, with the 2018 recording a high of more than 49,000 crashes.

If you are injured in an accident caused by someone’s negligence in San Diego, you are eligible for financial compensation.

However, obtaining your compensation is an intricate process as you have to convince the insurance company to settle or convince the jury to award a judgment. You also have to prove to the judges that you quantify the injuries and losses you have suffered.

Such complex issues will require you to have an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer to help you with the process.

When choosing an attorney, you need to consider their experience. Ask your attorney how long they have successfully handled injury cases and their experience at trial, before hiring them.

But why does experience matter? Read on to find out!

Six Reasons Why Experience Matters When Choosing an Attorney

1. They Will Successfully File Your Personal Injury Claim

While a lawyer cannot guarantee you a win in the first place, hiring an experienced attorney increases the winning chances.

If a lawyer has been handling such injury cases for many years, it means they are well-served with the relevant knowledge and skills in this field. Remember, pursuing a lawsuit is not easy and can be overwhelming to an inexperienced lawyer.

Besides, there are numerous steps involved in this legal process, and if your lawyer is familiar with the steps, it may be a bit quick and successful.

2. They Can Oppose the Insurance Company’s Tactics

Since your insurance company will definitely not be on your side, you need a bold and experienced attorney who knows how to deal with them.

The adjusters and lawyers representing the insurance company are tough, and they can easily lower your payments, blame you for your injuries or even deny the claim altogether.

Therefore, only an experienced attorney can defend you from such accuses and oppose the adjuster’s tactics. They cannot be intimidated to accept lowball settlement offers.

3. They Will Help You in Proving Negligence

Many factors can cause an accident resulting in injuries. It is the work of your lawyer to look into your injuries and know the major causes.

If the accident happened due to someone’s negligence, you would have to prove their fault. Proving negligence of the at-fault party requires a thorough investigation.

When you have an attorney with experience in the personal injury law field, they may have a team of skilled investigators who can discover enough evidence to support your claims.

4. They Will Effectively Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Injuries usually lead to physical, mental, and emotional pain. Thus, you want someone who can get the amount of compensation you deserve for your suffering.

An experienced personal injury lawyer has adequate skills to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. They are very considerate of your pain and suffering you are going through. Hence, they will try their best to secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

5. They Are Ready to Go to Trial

The insurance company may decide to settle the reimbursement without going to court, but this does not always happen.

Sometimes a fair settlement is not offered, and you will have to take your case before the judge. If your attorney is not prepared to represent you in court and convince the jury to award judgment, you may not get fair compensation.

6. They Will Provide Confidence and Peace of Mind

Keeping in mind that you only get one chance to assert your legal rights, you cannot afford to trust counsel from an inexperienced lawyer.

It would be best to have an experienced personal injury attorney who understands what it takes to win a case and has already won several similar cases. Such a lawyer will give you confidence and peace of mind.