Why Performance Exhausts should be upgraded


A lot of people know how to drive a car. But not many of them know how the engine works. One often misunderstood part is a vehicle’s exhaust system, which is the least checked part of a car. When you buy a car, you already have a pre-installed exhaust line. The exhaust aims to better engine performance by improving fuel consumption from the tubes to the engine, then to the muffler. It also directs the movement of exhaust fumes away from the car cabin and controls the noise produced by your engine. These are the reasons why a performance exhausts needs an upgrade once in a while.

Those who are not familiar with the importance of exhausts and mufflers may think that the factory exhaust system of the vehicle is enough. And some people replace mufflers to make their cars sound better. But here are some justifications as to why these should eventually be improved and changed and you can also learn more facts about the trusted everstart battery here.

It will make your car engine’s performance better. 

A performance exhaust muffles sound, which can also restrict backpressure or the flow of gas out of the engine. It uses power to quickly expel the burnt fuel and exhaust gases from the tubes to the muffler. Replacing regular exhaust components with less restrictive ones will also help your car run faster. It will not turn your sedan into a race car, but it will surely improve your vehicle’s performance.

It improves fuel economy.

Exhaust systems improve power by around 3-5%. It may not seem much, but it is still a boost in fuel economy. And if you don’t use that power to make your car run faster, then you will see the same amount of reduction in your fuel usage.

You will have a better sounding car.

Your vehicle emits a growl whenever you accelerate. Some car enthusiasts value the horsepower of their cars, so they prefer to hear a reduced acceleration sound to match it. A better sound also means that you have a free-flowing exhaust system, which only shows that your exhaust system has no problem at all.

An exhaust upgrade makes your vehicle highly efficient.

Admit it. Any improvements made to a vehicle will be costly. But efficiency is the name of the game. Upgraded exhaust parts will last longer compared to a factory-installed one. Your engine will perform better with any upgrade, and doing that to your exhaust system is no exception. Faster airflow will increase the power of your car’s engine. It will also cost you fewer trips to the mechanic for repairs and much-needed parts replacement.

It will give your car a longer life

As your vehicle ages, so do its parts. Rust or exhaust corrosion is typical, but too much of these will lead to part replacing already. Going for an upgrade earlier on will add years to your car’s life, especially when you consider making a full exhaust upgrade.

Of all the working car parts, the exhaust system is the least checked area until part of it shows visible damage already. So whether you use the factory-installed exhaust system or an after-market custom one, you still need to have it checked regularly for proper maintenance. If you do decide to get a custom-made exhaust system for your car, consider the mechanism used, the material it is made out of, your driving habits, and the area of your residence.

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