Why Powder Coating Is Best For Car Parts


No one can deny that cars are beautiful. You may find one attractive because of how convenient it is. Someone else may find them mesmerizing because of the technical wonders of their engines. And, of course, no one can forget that they’re alluring because of the fantastic paint jobs they receive from manufacturers and shops.

However, there are times that a car’s paint job gets damaged. And when it’s time for you to get it repainted, you want only to use the best paint coating out there. Fortunately, powder coating has you covered. Currently, it’s the best one you can use on your car and its parts.

You can continue reading this article to know why it’s the best.

1. Powder Coating Protects Car Parts

Powder coating, especially custom powder coating, protects car parts against the elements. For example, it can protect your vehicle and its components against ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, dust, and moisture.

As your parts are protected from the elements, you can rest assured that they will take long before they succumb to contamination and corrosion. This condition will effectively prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and save you tons of money because you can prevent expensive and unnecessary maintenance work.

Powder coating makes this possible because, once the coat cures, it creates a strong bond with the metal part. And unlike the coat liquid paint creates, powder coating doesn’t flake or chip.

2. Powder Coating Is Scratch-Resistant

The finish that powder coating gives is strong enough to endure scratches and scrapes. With it, you don’t need to perform touch-ups just because someone or something rubbed elbows with your car.

However, note that not all powder coatings are created equally, as some still get scratched. So, before you get your car parts powder-coated, be careful about what product will be used.

For example, you may want to use thermoset powder on parts that receive a lot of abuse or generate heat like turbo housings, allow wheels, etc. However, these can be scratched easily. Instead, you’d want to use thermoplastic as they’re sturdier and scratch-resistant. Thermoplastic powder is often used on wheelchairs, stadium seats, and park benches.

3. Powder Coating Is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other paint types, powder coating doesn’t have as many toxic chemicals and solvents. Most manufacturers have defaulted to using this kind of coating for car parts. Also, it’s much safer for workers to handle.

Moreover, since powder coating is often tougher than other paints, car owners don’t need to get their parts repainted repeatedly. And this effectively reduces the powder coating required for each car, lowering the number of toxic chemicals being chipped away from vehicles yearly.

And if car owners ever need to repaint, they don’t need to rely on toxic paint strippers. Instead, they can get the part sandblasted. Another safer option is to use thermal or heat removal. With this method, the piece can simply be baked to remove the powder coating.

4. Powder Coating Allows A Variety Of Finishes

With powder coating, you have complete control over the finish and color you want for your car and its parts. It doesn’t matter if you want them to be shiny or have a matte finish; powder coating can do any of those. Even if you have no idea about the history of car paint, you’ll know that powder coating is the pinnacle of paint when it comes to finishing.

5. Powder Coating Makes It Easy For You To Restore A Car

If you have an old car lying around that you want to refresh or restore, powder coating will be the best paint option. Even if the parts have a lot of scratches, scrapes, and damaged spots, the process of how powder coating is applied can easily hide those blemishes.

6. Powder Coating Can Be Used As A Base Coat

If you don’t want a powder-coated appearance for some reason or don’t want to deal with paint correction later, you can still use it as the base for your preferred paint. Using powder coating as a base can let your part take advantage of the other benefits, such as added protection.


The reasons mentioned above effectively show why powder coating is the best for your car and its parts. It can protect your car and its parts from scratches, scrapes, damage, and even against the elements. Moreover, the finishes this coating produces are not to scoff at. So, if you’re planning to restore or repaint your car, you may want to consider powder coating as your first choice.


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