Why Qualified Candidates Don’t Get Job Offers


In a perfect world, the most qualified candidate gets the job, the best player scores the goal and receives the accolade, and basically, the best person wins. But it’s not a perfect world because so many other factors come into play where victory is concerned. The best candidate may show up a little late because the car stalled (today of all days), lack that knowledge of Excel that would have made them ideal, or simply lose to Kevin, who knows someone on the hiring committee. Such is life. What is expert staffing?

We look at 4 top reasons seemingly qualified candidates lose out on job opportunities.

Poorly Written Resumes

Presentation is everything, especially when you are facing off fierce competition. You want to assume that there are legions of job seekers with your qualifications of even better, and so everything that can help you stand out is welcome. Human resources are usually presented so many resumes for every hire that the first thing they do is eliminate the poorly drafted ones. You do not want to be dismissed based on your resume. Hiring Resume Writing Lab writers to craft one that will show your skills in the best lights is a steady first step towards being hired. The rest will come during the interviews, but you’ve got to get through the door first.


It has been determined that there is such a thing as overqualification. When you have too many academic accolades without corresponding work experience, you may scare off potential employers. They may wonder whether you will require a starting salary that matches your qualifications, yet you need some training to get oriented in the job. Usually, students are encouraged to get summer jobs that expose them to their fields and the actual work associated with their courses to make them employable. People skills are not necessarily inborn; they are acquired, so you would have to work in a team to gain them.

Undervaluing your Skills and Talents

You could have Resume Writing Lab writers write you the best possible resume, but it wouldn’t matter if you cannot be as assertive as you need when representing yourself. Potential employers want your words to show them what they cannot see through your CV. A leader is confident, well-spoken, and they exude the authority that will make it easier for their teams to follow their lead. If that doesn’t come out in an interview, it might be hard to get that job, regardless of your qualification. While at this, remember humility doesn’t do much for your candidacy. If there was ever a time to blow your own trumpet smartly, this is it.

You Just wasn’t Their Guy

Sometimes, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Someone else knew someone in the hiring panel, and so they were looked at with favor. Your qualifications were outstanding, the confidence checked, you managed to charm the interviewing committee, and your resume went through Resume Writing Lab, but you didn’t know enough right people. This is when they will usually call to say, “sorry, but we decided to go with someone else. You weren’t the right fit for us.” But you were. When this happens – and you’ll hardly ever know it because no one will tell you that mouthy John in the colorful suit already got the job even before he interviewed – you just move on to the next and hope for the best.

You Just wasn’t Their Guy

Put your Back Into it

If you have skills beyond your academic qualifications, make them known to increase your value to your potential employer. Don’t slack on that CV either; have a Resume Writing Lab writer work on it since they know what potential employers are always looking for when they peruse CVs. Most recruiters are known to favor those that follow up after sending resumes. You may not get hired, but you might as well get to know why your candidacy was unsuccessful. When you get the feedback, you certainly want to work on the shortcomings, so they don’t keep costing you opportunities.

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