Why Racing and Car-Oriented Video Games Are So Popular and Successful


Driving is a passion for many. For car lovers, few activities are more relaxing than driving around on open roads. In fact, getting into your convertible Lamborghini and driving through scenic landscapes is one of the best ways to end your day.

Don’t you have a convertible Lamborghini? Don’t worry. With the games and simulators we have today, you can get very close to the actual experience without leaving the couch. If you ever wondered why there are so many car games out there, this article will provide a few solid reasons.

What Drives the Success

Car games have been around since the old arcades, with their square graphics and ringtone-like sound effects. They have also inspired other kinds of games, like card and board games. Racing cars are even a frequent theme for slot machines, both in land-based establishments and those on the internet such as the online slots NetBet.

Here are a few reasons why people love this kind of game.

It Takes Your Mind Off the Daily Grind

Make your stress bite the dust. Car games are typically non-violent and have non-competitive gameplay options. You can pick your favourite ride and drive by realistic renditions of real roads. It’s also a mind-cleaning activity. You can’t think about anything else while watching the cars ahead and enjoying the ride.

Luxury Cars

Cars are the most expensive thing most of us will ever buy, seconded perhaps, by a house. Still, many cars are worth much more than the majority of homes. Simulators are the only way most players will ever try a sports car like a Jaguar or a Porsche. Simulators are pretty realistic these days, and players can even buy and change car parts.

It’s immersive

Motor lovers can have an even more immersive experience with VR glasses and steering wheels with pedals. With this technology, it’s possible to emulate a cockpit at home! Some joysticks even vibrate, according to the gameplay. Probably, it’s the closest one can get from the true joy of driving.

Games and Business

Players aren’t the only ones to benefit from realistic games. Traditional carmakers are doing their marketing in games like Need For Speed and the Asphalt series. Is there a best way to present the newest sports car to a new audience? It’s not just about luxury cars, though. The games mentioned above also bring regular everyday vehicles, like Chevrolets and Land Rovers.

Car parts manufacturers like Michelin are also joining the game. Michelin teamed up with Gameloft to create a booster for Asphalt for players in Thailand. The feature provided better performance and engaged more than 600,000 players. The game also advertised the last Fast and Furious release. For the campaign, they released the Ford Mustang Shelby and the Dodge Challenger.


Car games are always great fun, even for those who can’t drive or know nothing about cars. The adrenaline-fuelled competition and high speed are sometimes all you need to unwind after a long and stressful day.



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