Why You Need to Change the Dirty Cabin Air Filter


A cabin air filter is a device that sieves air fed into your vehicle conditioning and heating system. It captures pollen, foreign particles, and dust and prevents them from entering and contaminating the motor vehicle cabin. The air filter gets dirty quickly because of its work nature, so you need to change them. A faulty filter’s leading indicators are the low airflow and unusual smell from your car vents. These are the reasons why you need to change your dirty air filter.

It Can Cause Health Problems

When your cabin air filter is dirty and clogged, it will fail to sieve air pollutants. These floating air impurities pose serious health issues such as breathing problems. They can cause an allergic reaction. You can read your car manual to identify the ideal time you can do replacements.

It Can Lead to A Bad Smell in Your Car.

Unreplaced cabin air filters will accumulate particles, dust, and water from the road and into your car. For example, if you open your car air conditioner, the foul odor will spread inside. Thus, one of the indicators that you need to replace your air filters is when you notice your air conditioner causing a bad smell.

Besides, such a scent can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and so you would replace the filters and sort the issue.

To Avoid Condensation in Your Car Windows

A faulty cabin filter will weaken the flow of air in the car. Without proper air circulation, the system will fail to clear any fog or condensed vapor from the car’s window. Unclean air can then condense and build upon the windshield, making it difficult for the driver to have a good view of the road.

Thus, replacing the old air filter will prevent water from condensing and creating fog, which blurs you as you drive. For your safety, regularly change your filter, especially if you live around cold areas. You can also check out cab filters for more great options.

Prevents the Air Conditioner from Operating Effectively

When you have a faulty air cabin filter, your car’s cooling and heating system will strain. This overworking can cause your vehicle to burn out. Besides, a clogged and dirty filter can lead to water condensing in the car air conditioner. This water vapor can cause damages to the electric motors and parts. Thus, you can prevent such problems by merely replacing the cabin air filters whenever necessary. You may find out that changing the filter is cost-effective rather than replacing your damaged electric motors.

A Working Air Filter Helps with General Car Maintenance

Replacing a dirty air filter is one of the general car maintenance practices. Thus, if you want to sell the car, a dirty, clogged, and faulty filter can cost you. A car buyer will likely look at your history of service before purchasing. If they discover that you have never changed the cabin air filter, they may think the vehicle is poorly maintained.

The buyer may then fail to buy or give you a low offer due to a lack of proper maintenance. A car dealer will also keenly look at your service history; hence it would be best to indicate the date you replace your air filter in the maintenance history. Proper maintenance helps keep the value of the car high during resale.

You need to replace your air filter since it can cause health issues, lead to foul odor, avoid water condensing in your car window, and enable the air conditioner to operate smoothly. Besides, an active air filter will help you maintain the value of your car.

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