Winnebagos for Sale: How to Get the Best Deal


Is this the summer you’ve decided to take that inspiring road trip across the country? Well, you might share your intentions with nearly 80% of the American population. And with people hitting the road in droves, the cost of RVs is skyrocketing.

So if you have dreams of owning that big, beautiful A-Class, you might pay more than you’d expect. That’s okay, though, because we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for the best price on Winnebagos for sale, keep reading for helpful tips to find the best deals.

Don’t Rush Through Your Options

You might have a relationship with the auto dealer down the road. But the same guys that sold you your sedan might not have the best deal on a motorhome. When searching for a used Winnebago for sale, take your time looking through your options.

The Winnebago you decide to buy doesn’t have to be fresh off the factory line. A new RV might seem more dependable, but used alternatives give you a budget to customize with. Take this time to know your budget and determine how you plan on using your new home on wheels.

Know What You’re Looking At

First impressions can be lasting ones. If you’re unfamiliar with the RV market (and why would you be), you might believe the first listing you see on trading sites or the number that comes up when you search “average price of a Winnebago.”

Do yourself a favor and intimate yourself with the RV you’re interested in. Knowing what features influence the price will help you negotiate with dealers or third-party sellers.

Wait Until The Time is Right

Unless you have urgent travel plans for the summer, there are key times to buy an RV that are worth the wait. You’ll find the best deals on Winnebago campers for sale during:

  1. RV shows
  2. The end of the season

Not only are RV shows a great place to learn about different models, but you can often get excellent prices not usually offered. At the end of the show, when dealers are looking to do away with their leftover models, you can easily ask down prices.

The same thing happens during the end of the travel season. While people buy up RVs in the spring and summer, you can often find great deals when travel starts to slow down.

Work With a Quality Dealer

While you can find good prices on Winnebagos for sale from a third-party seller, there are additional benefits to working with a dealer. Most importantly, if something goes wrong with your RV, you have a reliable contact to get it fixed. This dealer will help you care for your Class A motorhome even after your purchase.

Winnebagos for Sale and Other Options

As one of the most recognizable brands in the RV industry, you might be inclined to search for Winnebagos for sale. However, if your goal is to spend more time outside, you’ve got options. For insights on some of the best travel rigs on the market, check out our RVs section.


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