Would You Buy an Air-Conditioned Helmet?


Whether you’re a noob or an experienced rider, motorcycle helmets are bound to come up in conversation between you and your biker friends. When you’re looking for a helmet, you’re not only seeking the best motorcycle protective gear, you’re also seeking the most comfortable gear your money can buy. So, would you buy an air-conditioned helmet?

Riding Conditions

Geography and seasonal riding conditions have a lot to do with whether riders would buy an air-conditioned helmet. If you live in a tropical or humid country, for example, you may wish to invest in this form of gear. If you’re out and about in the summertime heat of the United States or northern hemisphere, you may also wish to consider your air-conditioned lid options. While many riders keep their visors open while riding to enjoy the intake of fresh, cooling air, they can also experience dry eyes or unwanted flying visitors. With this in mind, an air-conditioned helmet can hold quite the attraction.

Air-Conditioned and Ventilated Options

While some manufacturers are producing helmets that incorporate an air-conditioning unit at the back of the head, many provide dynamic, full-flowing ventilation tied to a network of vents and ports. As you might imagine, helmets with built-in air-conditioning technologies typically run at a higher price point than ventilated varieties. Also, these helmets tend to be a little heavier and more cumbersome, due to the necessary wiring or attachments.

Premium Protection

While temperature-related comfort is important to helmet-wearing riders, most riders out there are choosing motorcycle helmets for their head-protecting qualities. When choosing a helmet, riders often make their choice based on the following properties and features:

  • Use
  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Fit and style
  • Features
  • Safety ratings
  • Price

Whether you’re in the market for an air-conditioned or ventilated helmet, do your research to make sure you find the best-fitting lid. Browse for gear and motorcycle parts online today and find the helmet that best suits you and your riding needs.