Your College Experiences Checklist


The article focuses on important aspects of college life that define the experience of all students. It is like a rear-view by students on what works and what does not. With the tips provided, your college life will be memorable and also have an incredibly positive impact on the life of every student.

College years give you an experience that you will never have anywhere else. With thousands of students entering college every year, some will leave having lived a full life while others only come out with regrets. It is terrible to live a wouda’ coulda’ kind of life in your adulthood. College is about academic works that are balanced with the most daring social life. Before you think of the parties, get in touch with assignment experts who will handle all your essays and eventual dissertation. It is impossible to enjoy life with deadlines haunting you from every unit. I thought of this checklist to enable you to have a party, lay the foundation for your career and still graduate at the top of the class. Here are mandatory entries to consider for your years in college.

  • Know Your Instructors

College is about your academic work. At the center of this academic work are instructors. Do not rely on the time you get to class and leave. At that moment you are a part of a crowd. Know a few of your instructors personally and find a way of spending time with them beyond the class. Get to the class early and ask questions to capture their attention. Ask about materials you need for your class work and get all the guidance that will make your college years easier. Instructors are in the know about research opportunities. You might end up linking with the bigwigs in your industry or be an inventor by the time you finish school. By the end of the semester, you should have a mentor-mentee relationship with several instructors. This will save you during moments of anxiety and show you directions as you study.

  • Get Involved and Become a Leader

There are excellent opportunities to become a leader on the campus. The halls of residence need representatives. Your class also needs someone to link students with instructors. Student community needs leaders at religious, sports, department, gender, and such other organizations. Be involved in the politics of students by voting and lobbying. The skills you learn with these positions will prove useful in the future. Student leadership skills will count when it is time to search for a job.

  • Have a Social Life

There is life beyond your class, library, and halls of residence. You cannot spend all your time in the library or with books. Join co-curricular activity groups on campus. Make your roommate a friend. Introduce yourself to the person sitting or standing next to you at the cafeteria. Joint the sporting team, even if not to play, be a cheerleader. Go on a trip with friends on weekends and holidays. Enjoy parties organized in friends rooms and party spots around campus. The friends you make in campus will determine the strength of your career network beyond college. It is also an opportunity to learn and live with people from diverse cultural, spiritual and social backgrounds. You should even consider being a volunteer in groups that help you explore the social world. Interacting with people helps you develop and enhance your character. Try karaoke with friends. Bond and enjoy making new friends. That boyfriend or girlfriend you make may end up being your wife. Do not commit yet. College comes with a lot of infatuations.

  • Take Care of Yourself

Success requires more than good grades. You need to take care of your physical, social, spiritual and psychological health. Think deeply before engaging with friends and groups. Eat well and exercise to maintain a healthy body. This will also sharpen your mind. Plan your diet and make it as holistic as possible. There restaurants and joints with excellent offers that allow you to eat like a king. Visit student affairs to know what you are entitled to and the opportunities that can make your life better on campus. Share experiences with friends and seniors to learn from them. You will know the opportunities to take and the risks to avoid. Remember that everything you do has an impact on your health. Check what you eat and drink. Be cautious when taking risks. All the other things that college life has to offer will only be enjoyed if you are healthy. Eat well, form healthy social relationships and sleep sufficient hours.

  • Plan Your Career Early

College is supposed to prepare you for your working life. You should, therefore, begin thinking about work as early as when choosing your major. If you choose the right major, a job will be waiting for you immediately your graduate. Consider your personality and preferences. Take as many internship opportunities as possible. They introduce you to future employers. They also help you know the career that suits you while still in college. Take part-time jobs and even volunteer. These are opportunities to test your skills in different work environments. Attend exhibitions and symposiums organized by employers. Learn to apply for jobs and what to expect in the work environment. Try starting a business or making money while still in college. You will learn the business tricks that work and those that will flop. You are still shielded by your parents and guardians. This leaves you some room to fail in business without suffering too much loss. Your instructor will connect you with opportunities. The alumni office is also instrumental in linking students with work opportunities. Send those cold emails to people you admire in your industry. You will be surprised when they reply and invite you to spend a day with them. There are professional and networking groups on campus, join.

Finish in 4 Years

Do not take longer than necessary in school. This will dent your CV and leave questions that will prove difficult to answer. Do your academics diligently. Avoid the wrong company, take care of your health. Keep tabs with your academics and ensure that you are on course to finishing within the prescribed time. Use resources like to complete your work fast. You will enter the work field early and therefore enjoy peer support. Beyond finishing in 4 years, work hard to top the class. There are numerous opportunities for those who top their class. Do not leave the search for a job until too late. Balance academics, social life as well as personal level and you will have the most amazing college experience.