Your Future Protected – Driver Negligence Insurance.


Agency drivers are an essential element of the workforce for the transportation sector. If you are a hiring company that provides temporary drivers for HGVs, then it is likely that your customers will demand that you hold the Driver Negligence Insurance.

 Cover Available Under Drivers Negligence Insurance

  • Anyone claims a limit of pound 5000, pound 10000, and pound 15000 depending on your contractual needs.
  • Anyone period of insurance of either pound 30,000, pound 50000 or pound hundred thousand.
  • Optional excess per claim, choose from pound 500, pounds 750, or pound 1000.
  • Drivers from the age of 21 providing they have the full UK driving license
  • Cover can be provided on a UK or EU basis.

A Guide To Driver Negligence Insurance

Employment companies may discover that, when supplying temporary drivers, customers attempt to make them liable under the agreement for harm caused by the temporary drivers’ irresponsible actions.

Driver fault insurance is meant to cover the risk of recruiting car claimants under the insurance policy of the recruiter, rather than making their customers sue under their own motor insurance plans, which would then adversely impact their experience of claims. The typical accidents that would be covered by a driver’s negligence policy are drivers reversing towards a bollard or building or where the automobile has struck a barrier while driving.

This insurance is not a stand-alone scheme, it is a public liability insurance expansion, which offers protection for harm to the automobiles of the customer when the driver provided by the recruitment agency is at fault.

It doesn’t compensate for the damage or injuries to the car or assets of a third party due to road  accidents This must be protected in accordance with the Road Traffic Act by various motor insurance schemes. As the company does not purchase the car, insurance can not be placed in place since there is no interest in insurance.

If your company driver is not at fault, then all claims expenses will be paid for by the driver at fault’s vehicle insurance and there must be no claim on the driver’s negligence insurance policy.

Driver negligence is only available if the carrier has assumed the agency’s contractual liability for the injury. Your insurer may force that you should have a different driver’s negligence agreement form that is decided to sign by the hirer for each contract you place drivers for. This is very important as insurers will not settle the claim in the case of a claim if an agreement document has not been signed.

How Is The Insurance Premium Calculated?

The cover is rated on the percentage of drivers on the road at one time, going to support a minimum of 10 drivers, based on the claims, skill set, limits, and excesses, with the expense of cover starting at around 1500 pounds per year.


The best way to decrease claims under a driver’s negligence insurance policy is to maintain a high level of driver standards. Make sure that drivers are informed and kept up to date with the highest procedures and policies on vehicle defect reporting using mobile phones break requirements and night out,  policy on passengers, and breakdown. Carry out job-specific tests to verify the driving and its knowledge and experience and ensure that the drivers have not only the relevant license for the vehicle they are driving but also the experience for that vehicle.


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