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4 Easy Ways To Save On Car Cleaning Costs


Numerous things like acid rain, debris, dirt, and dust can accumulate on your car, damage it, and diminish its appearance. In this regard, cleaning your car is essential. It prolongs your car’s lifespan and makes it look new always, preserving its value. In addition, it ensures your safety because dirt on the tires, mirrors, or lights can obstruct you when driving.

Going to the car wash for cleaning can be expensive because of how much attention they pay to your car’s washing and the high-end supplies they use. However, there are numerous tactics to save on car cleaning costs. Read on below for details:

1. Put Up A Paint Protector

Your car’s paint can quickly wear out with time and develop marks and chips. But with a paint protection film (PPF), you can protect your car’s paint and decrease the need to wash it regularly. Ideally, PPF is a transparent film skillfully applied to your car’s body after accurate digital measurements. Its self-transforming property maintains a glow while reconstructing and mending minor abrasions in the film.

How The PPF Works

You can purchase the ones in rolls with several layers for different functions. For instance, a release liner below protects other layers and sustains their cleanliness. You can remove it after placing the film. The film’s center typically contains a layer of acrylic adhesive 1.6 millionths of an inch thick (0.040mm). It’s designed to hang to the film and allow the PPF to be entirely removable without causing any damage to the paint.

The thickest part of the film is the urethane layer, which measures approximately six mils (0.152mm) and protects against flying rocks and other debris that may damage the car’s paint. Typically, jagged edges on a vehicle are the most vulnerable to damage from flying stones. Due to the thin and rigid nature of the car body, paint can easily break and scrape, leading to unsightly marks on the front bumper, hood, and rocker panels over time.

However, with the PPF, the urethane layer will act as a buffer, absorbing bits of the impact force and scattering the shock over a larger surface area, which helps to safeguard the paint and prevent damage caused by flying debris. Ensure you only go for a new PPF; a used one may be less effective in protection.

2. DIY Cleaning

Another simple way of saving on cleaning car costs is doing it yourself (DIY). Assemble all the cleaning items like a bucket, sponge, cleaning cloth, car shampoo, homemade solutions, and a hose. Below are typical car cleaning equipment and their uses:

  • High-Pressure Washer: You can use this to blast away hard-to-reach dirt and grime from your car’s exterior.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Use it to clean carpets and seats in your car.
  • Brush: Use this to scrub the grime off your car’s body and wheels. You can select various brushes with different bristle hardness for various car parts.
  • A Mixture Of Vinegar And Water Or Lemon: This combination removes the stains on the windshield. Let the solution stay on the car for some time, then rinse it with clean water. You may have to do this repeatedly to eliminate the spots.
  • Activated Charcoal: This is effective in ridding the car of bad smells.
  • Microfiber Cloth: It’s highly absorbent and can trap dirt effectively. You can also use it numerous times. They can come in handy if you aim to use less water. Once you put a shampoo solution on them, you can easily clean your car.

You can begin by cleaning under your car. The wheels and exhaust collect most dirt and debris, and you should prioritize them. You can use a sprinkler to apply water at maximum pressure and a hard brush to scrub the wheels. After that, proceed to the body and interior.

3. Clean Your Car Regularly

Clean Your Car Regularly 

Instead of waiting for debris and dirt to pile up, you’d want to clean your car whenever possible. It’ll ensure that the stains don’t stick on your vehicle long, making it difficult to detach them. You can take time to wash your car after work. Cleaning will take 20-30 minutes using a microfiber towel. Ensure you clean the places that get dirty quickly, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, and door handles. And don’t forget the car cover, as you can’t place a dirty one on your clean car. Doing this can help you save money on cleaning costs.

4. Look For Car Washing Coupons And Deals

Another excellent way to save on car cleaning costs is by looking into deals advertised online or at local garages. Car cleaning companies frequently extend such offers to lure customers because of the competition. Take advantage of such deals and save big on your car cleaning costs.


Cleaning your car is essential to maintain its fantastic looks, improve functionality and enhance durability. It can be costly sometimes, depending on the car cleaning services you hire. But you can save money by buying protective films and cleaning your vehicle independently and regularly.


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