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5 Amazing Facts That Will Make You Want Your First Mercedes

5 Amazing Facts That Will Make You Want Your First Mercedes

Looking to buy your first Mercedes? Just wait until you read these incredible facts about the car manufacturer. You will be even more sold.

2.382 million Mercedes Benz cars went to new owners in 2018.

Who owns Mercedes? Are they for everyone? Are you hoping to be one of them?

Mercedes Benz history goes back 125 years to their start in motorsports. Their motto is “the best or nothing”. So…if you’re wondering, “Are Mercedes good cars?”, with that long history and slogan, you can guess that they are.

But, guessing is different from examining the facts. Stick around for some amazing facts about these German cars, especially if you are looking to buy your first Mercedes.

Buying Your First Mercedes? 

Who owns Mercedes Benz automobiles?  Famous people? Your next-door neighbor? Are you thinking Benz: first car? After all, they do have a certain appeal. What are the facts you need to know about these amazing cars?  Be sure to check out the review of the GLA 180 at Vin’s Automotive.

First in Safety

Mercedes Benz was the first company to use safety crumple zones in their automobiles. In 1959, they began manufacturing their cars with crumple zones so that the impact of a crash would be redistributed.

In conjunction with Bosch, Mercedes added anti-lock brake technology to their S-class cars in 1978 and all of their models shortly thereafter.

Mercedes parts are top-notch when it comes to supporting safety standards. If safety is a big concern, Mercedes Benz has you covered.

Unlimited-Mileage Warranty

Thinking about a certified preowned Mercedes? It’s a more affordable way to get yourself in a Benz and as an added bonus, it comes with an unlimited-mileage warranty that’s good for up to 5 years.

Have you heard that Mercedes service is incredible? Bring it in for regular service or a warranty issue and see for yourself.


A Mercedes Benz never goes out of style. You can see Mercedes Benz of all years on the road. They never look like they don’t belong. Whether you’re talking about an E320 from 2003 or a C-Class from 1985, they are always classic.

You can go back even further to the vintage models like the 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190SL. It’s an icon that still looks good today.

Inspections Times a Thousand

While these iconic cars are in the manufacturing process, they go through thousands of inspections. For every 11 highly skilled workers, there is one inspector overseeing the production and assembly.

One of the Top Luxury Automobiles

From the leather interior to the carpet on the floor, a Mercedes Benz contains a level of luxury you will enjoy.

The leather seats are designed with input from top orthopedic doctors. The seats are ergonomic and support your back, knee and even your kidneys. Who wants to take a road trip?

On the exterior is an anti-corrosion coating. The car is dipped in this coating to reach every crevice to keep the car looking like the luxury auto that it is.

Heading to the Dealer? 

Now that you know some of the facts about these amazing cars, are you planning to buy your first Mercedes? You may also want to read this post to know the iconic cars from the 2010s.

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