What is a Motorhome RV?

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Introduction A motorhome is a type of recreational vehicle that is self-propelled and has many of the comforts of home. It is comparable to a trailer that is used for living. It will come equipped with kitchen space, sleeping quarters, a substantial amount of storage space, bathroom facilities, and a driving cab … Read more

What is a Camper Van?

Introduction Camper vans are typically made out of vans that have been modified so that in addition to driving in them, they can also be used as sleeping quarters and kitchens. A motorhome is a home-away-from-home that has been purposefully constructed and designed with the occupant’s comfort in mind from the beginning. Because … Read more

How To Find Good RV Rental Options In El Paso

The concept of renting an RV and using it to have a nice trip either alone, with family or with friends, has become extremely popular recently and there are some quite great reasons for that. People have recognized this as a great opportunity to see some amazing places while also having a … Read more

A Simple Guide on the Different Types of RVs

Approximately 11 million people in the United States right now own a Recreational Vehicle or RV. These people enjoy the comfort of staying indoors in a clean space while traveling without needing to pay for a hotel. They might go camping or sightseeing in another city in their RVs. But what are … Read more

How to Plan Your First RV Road Trip

Around 90% of Americans plan to take an RV trip next year, which shows how passionate we are about hitting the road. Traveling with your RV is a great way to discover new places, spend time with your family, and escape your hectic schedule. But planning the trip can feel overwhelming so … Read more

RV Repair and Maintenance Guide for New Owners

According to the latest data from the RV Industry Association (RVIA), more than 11 million U.S. households now own an RV. This uptick in ownership is due largely to the rise in young families interested in pursuing a more nomadic, outdoor lifestyle. We can also attribute it to Baby Boomers who are … Read more

Buying a Used RV: What to Look For

Every year, around 40 million Americans visit nature for a camping trip at least once. Many of them will camp at least two or three times a year. Of course, traditional camping in a tent isn’t always the ideal option. Some enjoy nature but prefer a little more comfort in their sleeping … Read more

Is It Safe To Drive an RV in the Winter?

No matter how well you prepare for a trip, things don’t always go as planned. This is often the case with inclement weather, where the weather forecast might say one thing, but Mother Nature says otherwise. Driving during winter can even be more challenging, as it brings other dangerous elements not normally … Read more

5 Things to Know About Owning an RV Park

Have you ever considered getting your own RV park? An RV park is a great place for visitors with recreational vehicles to park and stay overnight or longer in spaces called campsites. With the proper steps and a little effort, having an RV park can be a worthy investment. However, before starting, you … Read more

Difference between a Motorhome, Campervan & RV

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, and Campervan and Motorhome are both types of RV! Campervans are the most popular way to explore a country. These vans by Top RV gear offer comfortable living, convenient storage, and compact dimensions for driving through tight spaces. Campervans are easy to drive and provide their occupants … Read more

Rec Van Rentals: Everything You Should Know

Renting a rec van provides a whole different camping experience than other forms of camping. Many of them provide you with the comforts of home, such as a kitchen, bathroom, comfy beds, and a solid roof over your head. However, owning a rec van may not be the best option for many … Read more

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