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Injured In A Pedestrian Accident? How To Protect Your Rights


Getting involved in a pedestrian accident and sustaining severe injuries can be highly stressful and challenging. You’ll need extensive medical examination and treatment, which means a huge bill. Furthermore, you may have to deal with the trauma and emotional distress for years.

With these, it’s essential to know your rights so you can take legal action to protect them. It can financially relieve you as it can help cover medical bills. It might not be easy, but it’s crucial as you may get medical rehabilitation, income support payments, and proper compensation for future loss of income.

In this regard, it’s critical to take the crucial steps. The steps you take after the accident will determine the outcome of your claim. For one, you must hire an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer from Chasen Boscolo injury lawyers or other reputable law firms.

Aside from this, below are other critical steps you must take to protect your rights when involved in an accident where you’ve sustained injuries:

Collect Evidence

The insurance company will always need evidence when you file a claim. This is why it’s crucial to collect evidence after an accident. You can take photos of the injuries you sustained in the accident. Ensure you also take clear pictures from different angles, from the accident scene, which can prove you were hit. In cases where you’re too injured to collect all the evidence, you can ask someone to do it for you.

Furthermore, you can collect evidence by talking to accident witnesses. If the witnesses are in agreement with your statement, record their testimony while their memory of the accident is still vivid. Memories may become distorted with the passing of time. So, the earlier you contact witnesses, the better.

Finally, you may collect surveillance evidence from the nearby cameras. Although locating surveillance footage or convincing the establishment in charge can be difficult, the help of a pedestrian accident attorney will make it easy.

Call The Police

Although many people don’t like to involve the police, especially in an accident scenario, it’s crucial because your legal right is at stake. Call the police immediately after the accident. They are necessary because they can get information from witnesses and the parties involved and compile a police report.

You can request a copy of the police report, an essential requirement for your claim. The report has all the necessary information you might need in the settlement process, such as the driver’s information and the details about the accident.

More importantly, the report may serve as evidence of everything that happened and is crucial in filing a personal injury claim. It is an unbiased witness testimony regarding who caused the injuries. This evidence strengthens your case and ensures fair compensation for medical bills and other damage caused by your injury.

Do Not Admit Fault

Never apologize to the other parties involved and admit you’re at fault. The moment you apologize, it would lawfully mean you were responsible for the accident.

Even in situations where you’re at fault, unless you’ve spoken with your attorney, never admit it or discuss the occurrence with anyone. Admitting your mistake compromises the situation and makes it harder for compensation.

Lastly, avoid posting anything about the accident on social media, as the police or insurance companies may capitalize on the mistakes of policyholders and use that against you. You may land yourself in bigger trouble by posting evidence on a case that’s still running.

Seek Immediate Treatment

Injured Man with Lawyer

Seek immediate medical treatment for the injury you’ve sustained during the accident. Even if you aren’t sure if you were harmed, get checked for internal injuries.

Doing so protects your legal rights against insurers who might argue that you weren’t injured since you took too long to get treated. It also keeps you from arguments with adjusters on insurance regarding the causes of your injuries. They may argue that you got it from another incident.

Finally, don’t forget to keep a record of the medical treatment you’ve undergone, as you’ll need it as evidence from the insurance company when you file a personal injury claim. Treatment not only protects your health but also avoids disputes with the insurance company.

Tread Carefully With Insurance Companies Of Other Parties

Mostly, other party’s insurance companies may contact you after an accident. They’ll ask you to tell them the details of the accident with the aim of getting information to use against you.

It’s, therefore, advisable to avoid any close conversations. They’re always looking for loopholes to avoid compensating victims. It’s good to respond by telling them you’ll consult with a lawyer before discussing the details.

It’s advisable to discuss such details with your lawyer and follow their advice to protect your rights. Don’t take any steps regarding the case without informing them. You may make legal mistakes that may cost you a lot.


Many things threaten your legal rights when injured in a pedestrian accident. Therefore, protecting your rights is vital, especially when it’s the driver’s fault. If not, you could miss out on a great deal of compensation to which you’re lawfully entitled. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer should help you maneuver the case tactfully.


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