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10 Must-Ask Questions Before Buying a Campervan?

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Buying a campervan is an exciting process because it is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of your life. For those who have never purchased a van before, it is crucial that you ask yourself a handful of questions before the shopping begins to give yourself a good idea of the type of unit you are looking for. What are those questions?

1, Do I Want a New or Used Campervan?

Do you want the peace of mind of a new campervan, or would you prefer the better price of a used model? Knowing the answer to this question should come at the very beginning of your search.

2. Will I Be Bringing Mountain Bikes with Me?

Lewis from Autrocraft Motor Caravans said “Will your van life include biking? If so, make sure that you can add a bike holder to the back or the roof of your unit.”

3. Do I Need a High Roof in My Van?

If you need a van with a high roof, the base vehicle needs to have that feature before considering doing modifications, so it is important to know in advance the ideal height of the roof of your van.

4. What Type of Weather Will My Campervan Be Exposed To?

Living in a campervan can be a great experience but to make it worthwhile, you will need to know what type of weather you plan on camping in. That way, you can purchase the appropriate accessories, like a diesel heater, if necessary.

5. Will I Be Connected to Power Wear I Am Planning to Camp?

A campervan can go many places and if you plan on taking it where you will not be connected to a power supply, you should consider leisure batteries to power your electronics and for any other electrical needs you may have.

6. Do I Want a Bathroom in My Van?

Do you need a portable toilet? There are many great options for this type of accessory but if you will not be needingone, then you can use the space for something else.

7. How Many People Need to Sleep and Travel in My Campervan?

Travel comfort is paramount, especially when you are travelling long distances or for extended periods of time. By estimating how many people will travel and sleep in your home on wheels, you can decide if a bench seat is more suitable than captain’s chairs and if you need to add sleeping capacity to your unit.

8. Do I Want to Modify It Myself or Do I Want a Manufactured Campervan?

Camper conversions can be fun and exciting, but they can also be taxing and tedious if you are not prepared for the work. Installing an electrical system, air conditioning, filing the registration number and ensuring that a van has a MOT certificate are only a few of the requirements of a van conversion. Make sure that you are up to the task. If not, you can always buy a pre-manufactured campervan.

9. What Type of Servicing Has This Van Had?

Understanding the service history of a campervan is important because it can give you an idea of the wear and tear present, how well the vehicle was maintained over its past life and what type of issues to expect when you get your van checked in the future.

10. What is my Budget for a Campervan?

Your budget for your campervan is one of the most critical factors in your decision-making. There are pros and cons to all different shapes and sizes of vans, including new vs. used vans and pop-top vs. hard-top vans, and your budget will determine the level at which you can shop around.

Only Buy a Campervan After Asking Yourself These Questions

For those who are considering a campervan: know what you are looking for, how it needs to work, where you are going and how much you can spend to get a clear picture of the options you have available to you. Happy campervan hunting!

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