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6 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

6 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

The average person spends about $2,000 a year on car maintenance. With all that dough being spent to make sure your car is running smoothly, it is only natural that you want to make sure your car’s exterior looks just as smooth.

Car paint damage can make your beautiful car look dingy. It is important that you protect your car’s paint and know the most common ways the car’s paint can be ruined.

Here are 6 of the most common causes of car paint damage.

1. Falling Rocks

This does not just mean falling rocks when you are zipping through the mountains. Stones can fall off pickup trucks or semi-trucks on the highway and ding your car, chipping your car’s paint in the process.

Leave plenty of space behind you and big trucks that could have debris fly off from their vehicles.

2. Bugs and Bird Droppings

There are some natural paint damage causes that are hard to avoid—one type of by bugs hitting your front hood and windshield and bird droppings.

If not cleaned right away, Tools Specialist explains that the bugs and bird droppings could corrode the paint more quickly. A paint protection film can make it easier to start protecting car paintwork, especially during lovebug season.

3. Low-Quality Cleaners and Cleaning Cloths

You may think you are taking great care of your car by frequently cleaning it, but watch out. Using low-quality cleaners can actually degrade your car’s paint over time. Do not use any abrasive cleaners either, as that could speed up the process.

Always make sure you are using clean clothes to wash and dry your car. Using dirty clothes can scratch your car’s paint with any residual dirt or dust it has picked up.

4. Gasoline

Be careful when filling up your tank at the gas station. Any accidental splashes of gasoline could land on your car. The gasoline could burn through your car’s paintwork.

5. Construction Sites

Parking too close to construction sites can be disastrous for your car’s paint. Any residual dust can cause micro-scratches to the paint. These micro-scratches can turn into much bigger and harder to fix scratches.

Any wayward concrete can accidentally splash onto your car. It is near impossible to get off those splashes of concrete once it dries without damaging the car paint underneath.

6. Tree Sap

Be careful when parking under trees. Some trees can drop sap onto your car. This clear, sticky liquid can dry quickly and is hard to see. But if left for long periods on your car, it can erode your car’s paint.

Want to Learn More About Preventing Car Paint Damage?

Car paint damage can be extremely frustrating, but not more so than repairing paint damage after the fact. It is important you learn how to proactively protect the paint on your car to keep it looking fresh and beautiful for the life of your car.

If you want to learn more about preventing damage to car paint, follow along for more auto maintenance trends and articles.


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