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Can You Store a Gun in Your Car?


A firearm is arguably the best self-defense weapon that you can have, whether you are indoors or outdoors. While it is fairly easy to get a license for having a firearm inside your home, it is much more difficult to get permission to carry it outdoors. And, once you get permission, you will need to follow basic laws and regulations regarding carrying a firearm outside your home. One of those regulations is that you will need to have your firearms concealed, which means that they should be hidden from view and could only be used in emergencies or threatening situations.

Where to Store Your Gun in the Car

While in the car, you have the option to carry your firearm with the use of a gun belt or holster. However, wearing these accessories while driving can be dangerous, as slight bumps on the road may suddenly move the safety notch, which could cause accidental firing. To prevent this occurrence from happening, you would need to have a compartment in your car where you can store firearms. Storing or hiding firearms is legal if you have a permit to carry concealed weapons (concealed carry). Here are some of the best places where you can store a gun in your car.

Under the Seats

One of the best locations to store weapons is underneath the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat at the back. If you are going to store small-sized weapons, you can place them under the driver’s seat, as long as you have a secret compartment installed there. The same goes for the passenger’s seat at the back, as you also have the option to put a hidden trunk underneath the seats to store longer weapons.

Under the Center Console

If your car has a center console in between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat at the front, you can opt to install a hidden gun safe right under the storage compartment of the console. With the gun safe, you will be sure that you are the only one that can open since it can only be unlocked using a key or a combination on a keypad. Having the gun safe under the center console makes it more hidden since it is sealed under a false back. Besides the center console gun safe, you can also purchase other types of gun and rifle safes for trucks and cars that can fit in different locations of the vehicle.

At the Back of the Seats

The comfortable bucket seats for the driver and the front passenger would usually have a cover the hides the springs inside those seats. Underneath the cover, you can store a firearm secretly, and nobody would even notice that it is a storage compartment for your weapon. The downside to this compartment is that it is too soft and sometimes too spacious, so your firearm may move around while you are driving. But, you can add extra foam inside the space to prevent the weapon from moving too much.

At the Back of the Seats

Under the Hood

An unconventional place to store firearms is under the hood. The bottom portion of the hood actually has plenty of space where you can store up to two weapons. However, because of the heat the front engine generates, putting a weapon under the hood may be a bad idea. Make sure that the temperature under the hood and inside the engine compartment is cool enough so that your firearm won’t get damaged.

Behind the Radio

Most cars would have radios that are too small to fill the gap in their designated hole. So, because of the relatively small size of the radios, they would leave out a little bit of space or gap between the end of the radio and the end of the hole. This space can be to store one pistol, although you may have to unscrew the radio before you can reach the pistol. Because you need to take out the screws first, the process of getting your gun inside the radio compartment may be a lot slower than pulling out your gun under or at the back of the seats. But, the hidden radio compartment is still one of the best places to hide a firearm since it will also take a while for robbers to find and grab the gun in case they get inside your car.

In the Trunk

One of the most common locations to hide weapons is in the trunk, which is large enough to store almost any size of firearms. However, you don’t want to just simply store a firearm inside the trunk, as you will need to keep it hidden from others. To hide the firearm, you may need to install a false floor in the trunk that would hide the secret gun compartment underneath. Because of the size of the trunk, you can store up to three weapons inside the hidden compartment.

Those are just some of the best places where you can store a gun in your car. Always remember to take those guns out once you are at home and store them in a proper weapon room to keep them clean and lengthen their lifespan.

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