5 Common Ways Defective Parts Can Cause Car Wrecks


Car accidents are one of the top reasons for death in the US. Over 6 million car accidents occur every year in the US. Car accidents happen for many reasons. Drivers breaching the duty of care they owe to other drivers is the primary reason for car accidents.

The common causes of car accidents are:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Sleep-deprived driving
  • Speeding
  • Violating traffic laws
  • Defective parts

Contacting a car accident lawyer in your area would be the best thing you can do in the event of a car accident. A lawyer can help you find the negligent party and obtain fair compensation for your losses.

How Defective Parts Lead to Car Accidents

Defective parts are one of the most common reasons for car accidents. The following are some of the common defects in cars that lead to accidents:

  • Defective brakes
  • Steering wheel defects
  • Tire defects
  • Defective airbags
  • Faulty headlights

Defective Brakes

Driving a car without brakes is asking for an accident. Brakes are components that easily overheat. Of course, brakes are much safer than they used to be, but still, defects in brakes are common.

Controlling a car without brakes is close to impossible. You should always check your brakes before taking your car on a trip.

Steering Wheel Defects

 The steering wheel may get stuck when driving, leading to serious accidents. The common causes of steering wheel defects are:

  • Power steering fluid leakage
  • Pump malfunctions
  • Defective wheel assembly

A defective steering wheel is dangerous both in traffic-heavy areas and on long roads.

Tire Defects

Tire defects are one of the most common reasons for motor accidents. A tire blowout can completely flip the car. Too much air in the tire can lead to tire blowouts.

Also, old tires are prone to blowouts. When a tire suddenly blows out, it will be very hard for the driver to control the vehicle.

Defective Airbags

Airbags are there to protect you in the event of an accident. But sometimes it does the exact opposite.

Defective airbags suddenly activate when you are driving. This sudden activation of airbags can hurt you and block your vision. This can even result in injuries like whiplash.

Faulty Headlights

Driving without lights at night is very dangerous. You will not be able to see pedestrians and other hazards on the road.

Not having headlights may not seem like an issue, but in reality, it can lead to catastrophic accidents. When you are driving, you should be able to see clearly.

Faulty Headlights

Who is Liable?

When you are involved in a car accident with another car whose driver was drunk, you can easily identify the liable party. But who is liable for car accidents caused by defective parts? The following three parties are usually liable for car accidents caused by defective parts:

  • Car manufacturer
  • Car parts manufacturer
  • Car mechanic

Car manufacturer: Car manufacturers are responsible for manufacturing quality products. Their products must not malfunction and are expected to work as intended. If the manufacturer fails to uphold their duty, then they can be held liable for accidents.

Car parts manufacturer: If the defective part that caused the accident was made by a different manufacturer, they can be held liable for the accident.

Car mechanic: The car mechanic who recently worked on the car can be held liable if they didn’t install the part correctly. They also have the responsibility to inform the owner about any problems that may arise in the future.

Final Thoughts

If you were hurt in a car accident caused by a defective part, immediately hire a lawyer. As there can be more than one liable party, determining liability can be quite hard. A lawyer can help you in that aspect. They will determine liability and get you the compensation you deserve.

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