What is the Suspension in a Car?

vehicle with a large suspension at the front

Automobiles or cars consist of various sections and parts that allow them to move or do other functions. However, there are particular areas of the car that are considered more important than the others, and one of these areas is the suspension. Without suspension, all cars wouldn’t be able to move properly, … Read more

What are the Different Types of Car Lights?

headlights of a vehicle

The car is considered by many to be one the greatest inventions ever made, as it allows people to travel hundreds of miles without exerting too much effort while also getting to the destination quicker compared to walking or running. While cars are relatively simple to use, as long as you know … Read more

What Are the Most Famous Auto Races in the World?

two cars at the race track racing beside each other

From Wimbledon to the World Series, every sport has a prestigious event that governs the best of the best. It’s no different in the sport of racing. Motorsports is a relatively new sport that rose to prominence in the twentieth century, and drivers worldwide vie in these events to win their career-defining … Read more

Deep Dive Into the Amazing History of Tesla

logo of Tesla, Inc.

The car market in the USA is dominated by established automakers such as Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet. However, one company stands out from the crowd: Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric cars. Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, rose to prominence in 2012 when the Model S, its flagship vehicle, was released. … Read more

What Is an Automotive Stethoscope?

a car mechanic wearing a white overall and checking the car engine with a stethoscope

There have been comparisons between the thought processes of a mechanic diagnosing a car and a doctor diagnosing a patient in casual conversation. We now recognize that a vehicle is a mechanical system with a finite number of known variables. At the same time, the human body is an intricate chemomechanical system … Read more

What Is a Topside Creeper?

Caucasian Car Mechanic on a Creeper Performing Vehicle Repair Inside Authorized Auto Service Station.

Working on a vehicle and reaching the most difficult part can be frustrating. Parts of a vehicle, such as a truck, are difficult to reach. Every automotive or garage industry requires a topside creeper, which enables them to work without the support of a wall to alleviate this issue. The topside creeper … Read more

What Is a Tire Step?

the truck driver entering the truck through a tire step

When you own a vehicle that you can take anywhere, you gain access to many things that public transportation cannot. Having your vehicle, however, comes with a lot of responsibility. To keep it in top condition, you should use a car maintenance checklist. Equipping your car with accessories is one way to … Read more

What Is a Tite-Reach Tool?

a man repairing a machine using an extension wrench

Poor artisans may blame their tools, but try telling that to the man whose blowtorch-and-vise grip shenanigans resulted in another snapped-off bolt. The proper tool can mean the difference between satisfying frustration and doing work. Consider your most recent large project in the garage. Was it a new suspension, an engine swap, … Read more

What Are the Most Famous Classic British Sports Cars?

a pakred Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite

The debate over which country made the best classic cars (pre-1970) is heated. Whether you believe Italy, Japan, Germany, England, the United States, or France produced the best vintage sports cars, England unquestionably offers some of the best classic sports cars ever made in build quality, innovative features, styling, and performance. The … Read more

How to Paint Rims: Make Old Wheels Look Like New?

How to Paint Rims Make Old Wheels Look Like New

Would you like to change the look of your car’s old wheels? Painting rims can be the best option. In addition, it will add a new style to your favorite car. But you have to do it in the right way. When it comes to painting rims, the maximum number of car … Read more

What is the Purpose of Transmission Fluid?

Hand pouring transmission fluid

There are a lot of car parts that people don’t know about. Most car owners only think about one car component when they need to fill it up is transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is also called automatic transmission fluid, ATF, or gear oil. Transmission fluid serves many purposes in the car’s transmission … Read more

What is the Purpose of Power Steering Fluid?

Man hand open power steering cap up for checking level of power steering fluid in the system, car maintenance service concept.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a car. It is important to be prepared for the worst and have the right tools on hand in order to get back to driving as quickly as possible. One thing that all cars have is power steering fluid, which helps … Read more

What is the Purpose of Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid reservoir

Brake fluid is a car maintenance item that you might not think about as often as other car parts. The brake fluid found in your car’s brake system helps ensure that the car’s brakes will work when needed most. If you know how to change your car’s brake pads, then it is … Read more

What is Regenerative Braking?

Car braking system

What is regenerative braking? It sounds like something you do to your car, but what does it have to do with anything? You may be surprised to find out that regenerative braking has a lot of applications in the world of electric vehicles. In this blog post, we will take a look … Read more

What is a Catalytic Converter?

Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter

A catalytic converter is a technology that converts harmful emissions produced by the engine of your car. The way it does this is through chemical reactions with oxygen in the air and an oxidizing catalyst. This causes the emissions to be harmless. They are most commonly used on cars or trucks that … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Power Steering

Male driver hand holding on steering wheel using smartphone for GPS navigation. Mobile phone mounting with magnet on the car console in modern car. Urban driving lifestyle with mobile app technology

The history of power steering is a fascinating one, and it’s one that we’re going to explore in this blog post. We’ll take you back to the late 1800s and show you how power steering was invented by engineers who wanted to make cars safer for everyone! What is Power Steering? First, … Read more

7 Benefits of Car Vinyl Wrap

7 Benefits of Car Vinyl Wrap

Investing in an automobile is a huge commitment in many ways. The decision requires you to be fully sure about the features, interiors as well as exteriors of the car you want to buy. If you are truly interested in owning stylish cars, upgrading your car by buying a new one is … Read more

What are the Primary Fluids Found in an Automobile?

Pouring oil lubricant motor car from black bottle on isolated white background

The fluids found in an automobile are what keep the car running smoothly. Without fluids, a vehicle would not be able to operate and perform as it should. There are various fluids that make up the primary fluids in your car: engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer … Read more

How Frequently Should You Change Engine Oil?

How Frequently Should You Change Engine Oil

You need to replace the car oil at regular intervals to keep it running efficiently. In addition to filling up the petrol tank, drivers must frequently change the oil in their cars. Since most of us have been driving less over the previous two years, many of us may not have had … Read more

What are All-Season Tires?

What are All-Season Tires

Tires are arguably some of the most important parts that your car needs to have. Without a proper set of tires, your vehicle is basically useless since it won’t move smoothly on the road. There are more than 20 different models and brands of tires to choose from, and while looking for … Read more

When Buying a Power Adapter, Keep These 5 Points in Mind

When Buying a Power Adapter, Keep These 5 Points in Mind

When you own a caravan, you’ve got to know how to correctly power it so you can enjoy all of its appliances and electronics in various settings. By using a power adaptor, you can connect to standard outlets while following legal and safety regulations. Learn about the features and benefits of power … Read more

Dangers of Using Old Tires for Your Car

old and deteriorating tire

The tires of your car are some of the most important parts that you would need to inspect and maintain regularly. Because they are the parts that come into contact with the surface the most, tires are usually prone to damages, especially when you are driving off-road or in rough terrains and … Read more

How to Know When Your Tires Need Replacing

changing a flat tire

The tires of the car, which is the rubber part of the wheels that serve as their exterior, are arguably the ones that withstand the harshest condition out of all the parts of the car. The tires are responsible for keeping the vehicle rolling on the road while also absorbing a lot … Read more