Car Maintenance

10 Essential Tools That Every Home Car Mechanic Needs

When you do your own car repairs, it saves you from spending a lot of money and it can also…

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Should You Have Full Coverage on an Older Car?

There are lots of insurance coverage available for cars. Car insurance is important because it will save you major expenses…

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The Pros and Cons of Leather Seats

When purchasing a vehicle, it involves finding one that has everything you want and need, including even the simplest of…

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Part Catalog’s Black Friday Deals

This Black Friday, we partnered with PartCatalog in bringing the best Holiday deals for you. For the past eight years,…

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Tips for Maintaining Leather in Your Car

Having leather car seats adds value and comfort to your car. They may cost more than the typical car seats…

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Easy DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Nowadays, it is not unusual for car owners to do their own maintenance. Daunting as it may seem, the benefits…

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Guide to Car Cleaning Kits

A majority of people spend their time in and out of their car for a couple times a day. All…

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Car Theft: What You Need to Know and How to Prevent It

You worked hard to own a car and of course, you won’t like it if someone would just steal it…

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Car Care Tips

To maintain a vehicle’s good condition, you need to exert effort in regular maintenance. Even if you have the most…

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