Types of Refrigerated Van and Their Uses

A delivery man putting boxes inside a refrigerated van.

Have you ever wondered how people transport products around without having to compromise on the quality? Or how florists keep their daises fresh, ice-cream truck keeps moving around, and caterers keep their food warm and cold according to the requirement. All of this is made possible with the invention of refrigerated vans. … Read more

FWD vs AWD. Which is better?

The historic 1934 Citroën Traction Avant — its model name literally means front-wheel-drive, one of the break-through innovations of the car

You might have come across vehicles that are either Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. Almost every manufacturer today is offering such vehicles to their customers and this has attracted every car guru to the discussion about which is better. The difference between FWD and AWD is important especially when it … Read more

The Science of Aerodynamics and How It Makes Your Car Better

An image of a car driving on a country road through a plain and slightly hilly area.

When we think of aerodynamics the first thing that usually comes to mind is the construction and design of planes. Their bodies are specifically designed to produce lift by wielding the rushing air as a tool and changing its direction of flow. Aerodynamics are also crucial when designing much smaller remote-controlled planes … Read more

How Long Do Batteries Last in Electric Cars?

An image of a Jaguar I-Pace.

The last decade brought with it something truly sweet. Something that had been looked forward to for decades, and is now finally a reality. We are talking about electric cars. Finally, humanity can phase out the gas guzzlers of yesterday and usher in a new era of clean energy usage. Soon, schools … Read more

Tips to Buy LED Light Bar

LED lights truck

LED light bars are popular nowadays. Many brands are producing these. You can find many types available. They all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. For those who are buying I fort the first time, you may not know which one to choose. It can be confusing to know about what … Read more

Some do’s and don’ts of branding your vehicle

Some do's and don'ts of branding your vehicle

When driving through the town, you might have often driven past by a vehicle covered by vinyl and a pattern that represents any brand’s logo or details about a company. This mobile advertising is a promotional strategy that many companies use to catch the attention of customers on the road and no … Read more

Do Not Let COVID-19 Torpedo Your Business. Follow These Tips

Do Not Let COVID-19 Torpedo Your Business. Follow These Tips

The COVID-19 outbreak has proved a major social and economic setback. The pandemic is a humanitarian crisis that has ushered in an air of uncertainty and loss of an immeasurable proportion. People were pushed indoors by stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of the virus and several businesses had to close down … Read more

Meet the Japanese Fashion Trends Taking over Tokyo

Every fashionista has a soft spot for creative Japanese fashion. Discover the latest Japanese fashion trends dominating Tokyo and how to see them for yourself! When it comes to fashion, which country would you say is the most unusual? Of course, that’s subjective to some degree. But if you follow Japanese fashion … Read more

What are the Primary Components of an Electric Car?

Electric Powered Car Engine

Electric powered cars are becoming popular in the present time because of the ever-increasing fuel problems. In fact, there are about 250,000 electric hybrid vehicles being sold every year since 2007. With this, electric charging stations are now found throughout the United States. Electric cars are known to be very efficient and … Read more

Top Amphibious Cars

Top Amphibious Cars

If there are amphibians in the animal kingdom, there are also amphibians in the automotive world. Cars that do more than run on the road are a very cool thing to have. Thank the inventors during World War II for making cars that can swim. During the 60s, the creation of amphibian … Read more