5 Ways To Protect Your Car Rack


After you’ve finally gotten your hands on the roof rack you’ve been hoping to acquire in order to help you carry extra luggage, the next step is to ensure that it stays in good condition. It’s because even though these racks are durable, they still need care and protection to ensure that you’re able to make the most out of them for years to come.

The good thing about car racks is that taking care of them is neither difficult nor complicated. So if you’re keen on keeping your investment in top condition, follow the simple tips below. And make sure to shop only at a trusted site if you want to order a high-quality and legit tesla model 3 roof rack online.

1. Get Yourself A Car Rack Awning

Using an awning can help extend the life span of your car rack. The awning will protect it from harsh weather, solar radiation, ultraviolet rays, dust, and mud. It can offer adequate protection during road trips or camping as well so your car rack won’t have to stay exposed to elements that may cause it to undergo wear and tear more quickly. Apart from that, it will provide you with shade when you need it most.

To find the best awning for your car rack, consider checking websites such as rackhungry.com. You’ll have numerous options to choose from, so look into each of them carefully before making a decision.

2. Use The Right Cleaning Products

Cars can get so dirty that you can write on them with a finger. You can choose to leave it like that since it’s going to get dirty again anyway, but you shouldn’t if you want to protect your car’s overall appearance. If dust accumulates on the surface of your vehicle and mixes with rain, the resulting compound may eventually ruin the paint, and it might cost you more to repaint the car and restore its beauty.  Be sure to check out car roof lining repairs sydney as well.

For the same reasons you clean the various parts of your car, you should take care of your car rack as well. If not regularly and properly cleaned, a car rack may rust and deteriorate.

When cleaning a car rack, you need to know what items to use, some of which may already be in your car cleaning kit. Avoid harsh substances such as those containing alcohol and bleach. Consider only using a regular cleaner or warm, soapy water. When the roof rack needs a thorough cleaning, remove it from the vehicle and wash it separately.

3. Do Not Forget To Tighten And Lubricate The Rack

Car movements cause constant vibrations, which can cause a roof rack to loosen over time. To be on the safe side and prevent embarrassing situations, damage to your roof rack or car, or even an accident, always check to see if the rack is well fastened. Also, keep the bolts lubricated, but don’t secure them too tightly so you can still remove them when the need arises without damaging the vehicle.

4. Practice Caution Before Going To A Drive-Through Car Wash

It’s fine if you can’t clean your car on your own because of your hectic schedule, but remember to remove the car rack before going to a drive-through car wash. If you leave it on, the car rack could get caught in the car wash’s cleaning equipment, resulting in damage to the rack, the car wash facility, or the car itself.

To avoid incurring miscellaneous charges for those issues, leave your car rack at home or detach it from the car prior to taking it to a drive-through car wash. This will help keep your car expenses on the lower side.

5. Avoid Overloading Your Car Rack

Although you’ve just acquired a lot of extra space, don’t fall into the temptation of forcing a lot of things inside your car rack. Unfortunately, the number of items a roof rack can carry is limited. It would be good if you could take everything you think you’ll need, but that’s not the case.

Overloading your rack may cause damage to your vehicle or cause trouble on the road if your car rack fails to contain your luggage while you’re driving. Whatever doesn’t fit can be left or placed in other areas of the vehicle if there’s still enough space.


Your car roof racks for hilux comes with many benefits, including additional storage for your luggage during a trip. You also get enough room inside the car to move your legs and stretch instead of being crammed by bags and other bulky items. A car rack provides a safe place to carry large pieces of equipment safely and conveniently.

To maximize those benefits, it’s important to protect the roof rack and take good care of it. Consult the right professionals to determine the most suitable option for your vehicle. Avoid loose car racks because they can become a safety hazard to you and those around you.

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