7 First Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas To Make Your Big Day an Unforgettable Affair


It might take some time for you to comprehend that it has been a year since you said “I do,” but you probably want your anniversary special. Knowing where to start and how to plan the day might give you sleepless nights. Fortunately, planning your big day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read on to discover seven helpful ways to make your special day memorable.

Book a Romantic Getaway

If you haven’t taken a break away from home since your wedding, now is a perfect time. Pack a bag and head to a nearby bed-and-breakfast, or consider booking a weekend getaway at a romantic destination.

Not only will this give you quality time to appreciate all that’s happened in your first year of marriage, but it will also give you a chance to reflect on the year ahead. You can also consider enhancing your “us” time by hiring luxury transportation services that offer professional chauffeur to visit your favorite restaurant or movie theater.

Make a Time Capsule

On your wedding day, you probably didn’t think twice about saving a few items from the event—after all, you had plenty of other things on your mind! But now that a year has passed, it’s the perfect time to collect items from your wedding and create a time capsule.

Choose an envelope or box (a new one is probably best as you don’t want any remnants of your first-anniversary cake crusted in there!), and fill it with small pieces of paper representing who you are now.

For example, photos of your home, favorite recipes, a printout of your favorite movie or book, and anything else that captures this moment in time. Then, seal it up and hide it away—you can open it again on your 10th anniversary to see how much you’ve changed!

Create a Photo Album

If you’re not the type to save every little thing from your wedding day, consider creating a photo album instead. This is a beautiful way to relive all the special memories from your big day—and it’s also a reminder of how far you’ve come as a couple over the past year. Try making a scrapbook-style album with photos, mementos, and handwritten notes from you and your partner if you’re feeling extra creative.

Treat Yourself to Something Special

After a year of married life, you should treat yourself to something special —just like you did on your wedding day! If you need new clothes or shoes, purchase them now. Make sure to grab some fun accessories as well—like jewelry or sunglasses. And if there’s a salon treatment that you’ve been dying to try (sculpted nails? spray tan?), this is the time!

Reconnect with Friends and Family

Honor your first anniversary by reconnecting with a few old friends or family members who could not attend your big day. If you’re feeling generous, invite them to join you for a small celebration—it’s the perfect way to make new memories! You could decorate your place with Backdrop Event Drapes so you could make it as yourself improved photo booth to capture moments.

Experiment with New Recipes

Since you’re bound to be in a romantic mood on your first anniversary, why not prepare your favorite food? Cook up something special that you enjoy—whether it’s an anniversary meal or just an evening snack. You could also get adventurous and try new seasonal recipes, like Seared Scallops and Mushroom Risotto or Poke Bowl.

Final Word

Whether you celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a special getaway, a creative project, or a quiet night at home, spending quality time with your partner should be your priority. We hope the above tips will come in handy.


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