Are we slowly moving to automated transport?


AI has come to affect most aspects of our lives, so it comes as no surprise to have fully automated automobiles. As technology advances, vehicle manufacturers are focused on designing and building automated vehicles for all kinds of use, be it public transport, agriculture field, or personal cars for everyday use.

But what do we mean by an Automated vehicle?

An Autonomous car, also known as a robot car or self-driving car, uses AI technology to guide itself without relying on human interaction. The technology used is mainly a GPS which helps the car navigate, and collision sensors that sense proximity to objects and other cars, thus helping avoid them. They also use augmented reality that displays information to drivers in real time.
Even though not available on a large scale, Tesla and other companies already have some of their automated cars approved and on the road. Other companies that have their cars approved for testing on the road include Ford, Waymo, Apple, Intel, and Uber.

Reasons for Having Autonomous Vehicles on the Road

  • Autonomous cars help preserve the environment. With autonomous cars, carbon emissions are reduced by at least 60%. Fuel optimization is efficient, meaning the rate of pollution to the environment is reduced at a tremendous rate.
  • Drunk drivers normally kill over 10000 people annually. With self-driving cars, the numbers are expected to reduce as people can drink while the car steers itself home without harming others or the passengers.
  • Traffic jams caused by impatient drivers are expected to reduce. For those too impatient to wait for the light to turn and cause huge traffic snarl-ups, automated cars help since they are programmed to follow the rules of the road, thus making rash decisions a thing of the past. People can start getting to work on time without such worries.
  • With fewer worries about traffic jams, you get to save on time and fuel that normally goes to waste while waiting. You can also get some work done while you travel without worrying about the road ahead.
  • Parking issues are also averted as the car can return to a specific destination without waiting for the owner. Fewer cars mean more parking spaces available.

Reasons against Having Autonomous Vehicles

  • Many people find trusting computers absurd and would rather drive themselves.
  • Designing, building, and maintaining autonomous cars is an expensive venture. Eventually, even the cars themselves tend to be a bit pricey.
  • Machines sometimes fail, and computers are no exception. Autonomous vehicles rely on sensors, cameras, and GPS to know where they are going. If they were to fail, it might result in accidents that could be fatal.

Impact of Auto Transport

The impact of automated cars is still not clear, seeing as they are fairly new. However, there are some areas of concern we should mention.

Human safety

If automated vehicles are introduced largescale, car accidents will reduce. However, hackers could essentially take control of, e.g., trucks transporting money to a bank could be hijacked and the money stolen.

Impact on the Environment

Automated cars would eventually lead to a greener environment aiming at sustainable energy. Carbon emissions would drop and leave a better, cleaner environment.

Increased Unemployment rates

Many people rely on the automobile industry for their source of income. Self-driving vehicles leave taxi drivers and other transport agents out of a job. Even for those involved with car shipping, there would be no need as owners would send coordinates and have the vehicles move to the desired location.

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