Did You Know There Were So Many Types of Automobiles?

Did You Know There Were So Many Types of Automobiles?

Automobiles are wheeled vehicles with an own motor that are designed primarily to run on roads. We know that its purpose is for transportation, but did you know that there were so many types of automobiles? Because it’s a lot, we may not know how many types of vehicles are present in the world.

The classifications of automobiles are based on different characteristics such as:

Purpose1. Purpose

  • Passenger vehicles – These automobiles carry passengers. Examples of these are cars, buses, motorcycles and passenger trains.
  • Goods vehicles – Used to transport any type of goods, these vehicles include carriers and lorries.
  • Special purpose vehicles – These automobiles like these are used only for specific purposes such as army vehicles, ambulance, fire engines, police cars, armored cars, among others.

Type of transmission2. Type of transmission

  • Automatic – Automobiles that are automatic transmission vehicles are capable of changing gear ratios automatically as they move.
  • Manual – The gear ratios of manual transmission vehicles have to be changed manually.
  • Semi-automatic – Also known as clutchless manual transmission, semi-automatic transmission vehicles manually change gears by changing with clutch.

Number of wheels and axles3. Number of wheels and axles

  • Two wheelers – This type of vehicles include motorcycles, scooters and moped.
  • Three wheelers – Auto rickshaws, tricycles and special three-wheelers are under this category.
  • Four wheelers – This is the most common type of automobiles. Cars, jeeps, smaller buses, tractors and some trucks come under this category.
  • Six wheelers – Trucks and buses usually have six wheels, with two wheels on the front and four on the back. The wheels on the back help balance and control acceleration as vehicles like this usually carry huge loads. Military trucks and some concept cars also have six wheels.
  • Six axle wheelers – One common example of six axle wheelers is dodge vehicles used for transporting cars.
  • Eight or more wheelers – These types are used for carrying heavy cargo.

Load capacity4. Load capacity

  • Light duty vehicle – Vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds are considered light duty.
  • Heavy duty vehicle – Heavy duty vehicles are large and bulky, such as buses, trucks, tractors and lorries.

Type of fuel used5. Type of fuel used

  • Diesel engine vehicles – These are vehicles that use diesel as type of fuel consumption, such as buses, trucks and tractors.
  • Petrol engine vehicles – Petrol engine vehicles use petrol as fuel, and it is the most common type of vehicle for everyday use. Petrol fuels are of two types: premium unleaded and super unleaded. Premium unleaded fuels engine vehicles are more common, and its octane ratings are not higher than 95. Meanwhile, super unleaded has the highest octane petrol, and it is often used in high performance cars.
  • Natural gas vehicles – Natural gas vehicles use natural gases as alternative fuel, which may be compressed or liquefied.
  • Liquefied petroleum gas vehicles – These are automobiles that use LPG as fuel as an alternative to petrol. These vehicles are usually converted, as very few manufacturers create vehicles ready for LPG.
  • Electric vehicles – Instead of fuels, electric vehicles use electric motors for propulsion.
  • Steam engine vehicles – Vehicles that are powered by a steam engine, wherein fuel is combusted away from the engine.

Drive of vehicle6. Drive of vehicle

  • Left-hand drive – Left-hand drive vehicles have steering wheels fitted on the left-hand side. It is common in most countries in the world.
  • Right-hand drive – Vehicles with this driving system have steering wheels on the right side. It is common in UK, Japan and Australia.