Exploring the Characteristics of 308 Brass


High-quality components are crucial when you’re manufacturing ammo. After all, a poorly made round could end up missing its target or even damaging your gun upon firing.

308 brass is a material used in manufacturing ammunition and is known for being a great material for this purpose. Still, you may need to learn more about it if you want to get the best. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for tips.

Here’s what you should know about 308 brass and its characteristics.

Caliber and Dimensions

308 Brass is an alloy composed of varying percentages of zinc, copper, aluminum, and lead. It is a hard, durable, and malleable metal. This makes it an ideal choice for use in the production of 308-cal rifle cartridges.

It is light and strong enough to be used in a range of calibers, such as .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and even some larger calibers, such as the .50 Browning Machine Gun.

Its dimensions are available in various sizes, from thinner, smaller pieces to thicker, heavier pieces. Lighter pieces are typically used in subsonic projectile applications, such as in silenced weapons, where the bullet will travel faster and quieter. Thicker pieces are typically used in supersonic projectiles where the bullet will travel faster and have more devastating potential.

Case Capacity

308 brass is an excellent choice for reloaders due to its high case capacity and favorable expansion qualities. As 308 brass often displays higher case capacities, it is more efficient in powder space utilization. It also holds more power compared to other common brass.

The higher case capacity of 308 brass is beneficial for;

  • Limited space applications
  • Long-range precision loads
  • Handgun calibers

Additionally, 308 brass is exceptionally malleable and has excellent work-hardening properties. This helps it to expand to fit the chamber for exceptional accuracy.

Furthermore, its high levels of corrosion resistance make it suitable for multiple firings, providing shooters with excellent consistency. All these qualities combined make 308 brass a great choice for any type of shooter.

Primer Type and Size

In regards to primer type and size, .308 brass is compatible with most .308 small primer brass. It is also compatible with medium and large primers.

To ensure minimal chamber pressure and proper functioning, it is important to select a primer size that matches the properties of the brass.

.308 brass is especially compatible with rifle primers that produce low pressure. This combination of bulk reloading ductility and primer size flexibility makes it one of the most popular brass alloys on the market.


.308 brass has good elasticity, making it suitable for hot reloads. It cycles well in semi-automatic firearms. It is also easily reformed, so it can be used in different firearms, cartridges, and bullet sizes.

Perhaps most importantly for reloaders, once fired, 308 brass casing can be reused multiple times before being discarded. This is due to its strong malleability and tensile strength.

If you are a shooting enthusiast and want to enjoy this benefit, checkout this 308 brass online. They are of the highest quality, so you can ensure ensure long-term performance.

Take Advantage of the Versatility of .308 Brass Today

.308 brass is an incredibly versatile alloy that can be used in countless applications. Its unique combination of strength and ductility makes it an excellent choice for use as bullet casing.

For those who need a durable casing that can resist wear and tear, .308 brass is an excellent choice. So what are you waiting for? Try out .308 brass today!

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