Guide to Multi-Car Driving Experiences in the UK


Ah, the open road, the scent of leather seats, and the purr of a finely-tuned engine beneath your fingers. Does it get any better? Actually, yes. Imagine doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling that feeling. Welcome to the world of multi-car driving experiences right here in the UK—a playground for petrolheads and casual enthusiasts alike.

Variety is the Spice of Life

What’s better than getting behind the wheel of a jaw-dropping supercar? How about slipping into the driver’s seat of multiple supercars in one day? Whether it’s Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin or McLaren, here you can have your cake and eat it too—while racing down the track at 150 mph. No compromise. No settling. Just pure, high-octane excitement.

Every Car Tells a Story

Each vehicle brings its own unique flavour to the experience. An Aston Martin might whisper sophistication and finesse, while a Lamborghini screams raw power and agility. By diving into a multi-car experience, you get a unique insight into the story and engineering behind each of these mechanical marvels. It’s a symphony of design, and you’re the conductor.

Ultimate Gifting Experience

Searching for the ultimate gift that will leave your loved ones gobsmacked? WonderDays is here to bring you the greatest experiences and special moments you’ll never forget. A multi-car driving experience isn’t just another present; it’s a life-altering bucket list item that offers memories to last a lifetime. You’re not just gifting a ride; you’re gifting an adrenaline-filled tale they’ll retell for years. 

Picture-Perfect Moments

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to document every nanosecond. And let’s be honest, multi-car experiences are incredibly Instagrammable. Whether it’s a Boomerang of you flooring the pedal or a scenic snap of the track with supercars in the backdrop, you’re guaranteed to rake in the likes. Just remember, safety first—get those shots when the car is safely parked!

Safety is King

As exhilarating as hurtling down a track in a supercar can be, safety remains paramount. These experiences often include comprehensive safety briefings and professional instructors to ensure you can unleash the beast while keeping risks at bay.


The UK is blessed with an array of fantastic locations to host supercar driving experiences. From the undulating hills of Scotland to the sweeping bends of Brands Hatch, your perfect track is just a motorway away. Plus, many locations offer picturesque settings for a weekend getaway, turning your multi-car day into a full-blown adventure.

Make it a Family or Friends Affair

Who says driving experiences are a solo affair? Many tracks and packages cater to groups, making it a fabulous day out for families or a gaggle of mates. Whether it’s Dad in the Ferrari, Mum in the Aston Martin, or your best mate trying to tame a McLaren, everyone can share the thrills and the memories. So, why not make it a group adventure?

Customisable Packages

One of the most beautiful things about multi-car experiences is the room for personalisation. Want more laps in the Lamborghini and fewer in the Porsche? You got it. Prefer a morning session to beat the crowds or an afternoon drive to relish the sunset? No problem. Customisable packages mean your day can be tailored to suit your every whim and fancy.

Unleash Your Inner Stig

Let’s face it, we’ve all watched “Top Gear” and thought, “I could do that.” Well, here’s your chance, especially with a Ferrari Driving Experience. Multi-car experiences often come with telemetry and lap timing, giving you real, quantifiable data on your performance. Compare lap times, learn from the pros, and walk away not just exhilarated but also improved as a driver.

Seasonal Splendour

Let’s not forget that each season brings its own flair to your multi-car driving day. Imagine taking on the Aston Martin with a backdrop of autumnal hues or feeling the sea breeze as you blaze down a coastal track in the summer. Seasons can transform the aesthetic, adding another layer of magic to your experience. Plus, it gives you a reason to come back and try it in a different season, not that you’d need much convincing!

Educational Spin

Believe it or not, a multi-car driving experience isn’t just about the thrills; it can be educational too. Learn about the mechanics, history, and unique features of each vehicle you get to drive. This is especially eye-opening if you’re a car enthusiast who loves knowing what makes each machine tick. Dive into the specs, ask your instructor questions, and come out not just as a speedster, but also as a well-informed aficionado of all things automotive.

A Treat for the Senses

Lastly, let’s not forget the sensory feast that multi-car driving delivers. The roar of the engine, the tactile feedback through the steering wheel, the G-forces pushing you back into the seat, and yes, that new car smell. It’s not just about speed or bragging rights; it’s about indulging every sense to its fullest.

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