High Time to Say Goodbye: When to Sell a Used Car

Time is a crucial factor when selling a used vehicle. It can determine the profit and the overall success of the deal. Most people in the US get rid of old cars with no regrets, but how do they pick the right moment? Read on to find out when the time comes.

Best Mileage for Used Car Sales in Indianapolis

The first thing to look at is the mileage. The car will cost more at 36,000 miles than at 70,000 miles.

Manufacturers recommend selling cars as soon as the warranty period expires. So, it is a good idea to sell between 30,000 and 40,000 miles anyway. At this time, most cars are no longer under warranty. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle is to break just at once and is not suitable for driving, although the risk of breakdowns is indeed higher. It is better to avoid them by selling a vehicle or trading it in.

Before It Is Too Late

Too many sellers wait until there is a problem with their car before looking for potential buyers. If waiting too long, the chances are high to end up with a broken car that no one wants. The critical mark is five years of use or mileage of 60 thousand. It is at this condition that the owner begins to face problems. For example, it is necessary to change rollers, belts, and gaskets. In the future, the vehicle may need more expensive repairs – the suspension, engine, or gearbox. Better sell it in good condition, and get a decent price.


After three years of operation, a new car depreciates by an average of 30-40%, depending on the initial price and brand. It is a considerable loss in value. To save money, it is possible to sell a used vehicle in the second year of ownership and reduce the price difference to about 15%.

Season Matters

The time of the year may also impact the demand. From November to the end of February is the so-called off-season on the used car market.

Motorists neglect driving and buying new cars in winter for various reasons. Some elder people may use cars only in summer for holiday trips, most newbies are afraid to drive on snowy roads, while experienced drivers don’t like the feeling that in January, the new-to-them car adds one more year to its age. Moreover, in winter, the chances are high to miss minor defects, such as scratches and dents, as they are invisible under snow and mud. As a result, selling a car before warming appears to be a tricky affair.

However, all these factors don’t matter when selling a used car to a dealership. Many car owners forget, or perhaps simply don’t know, that most dealers not only offer trade-in programs but also can buy used cars, taking care of all the paperwork. Dealerships with a strong reputation, like Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, value their customers and try to offer the closest possible market value.

After signing the contract, the dealer immediately pays the agreed amount and becomes the owner of the vehicle. This guarantees a better car selling experience and makes it possible to receive cash in the shortest possible time.

Auto Market Trends

New car production is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. This will affect the value of used cars. So if the family has a good vehicle with low mileage, now its price is at its peak. Therefore, if this is not the only car, now it can be sold more profitably than ever.