How Ceramic Coating Protects Your Vehicle

No matter what you drive, whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, minivan, or anything else, you probably enjoy having a nice paint job and a vehicle that looks aesthetically pleasing, and not one that’s been beaten up, scratched and has rust showing. That’s not the sort of car anyone wants to drive around. Though how does one keep their automobile from meeting that fate? We’ve all seen old cars before, and the surface is usually the first thing to go! This is unfortunately true; the surface of the vehicle is the first thing to suffer damage, and many people rush out to get a new layer of undercoating combined with new paint and a clear coat, just to keep their car looking nice. But there is a better way.

With a ceramic coating, also called PPF, your vehicle can greatly benefit from this level of protection. Here are just a few of the many ways that having paint protective film can benefit you.

Ways That PPF Keeps Your Car Safe

Creates a Great Barrier

Any solid undercoating is only as good as what’s on top. Your automobile needs protection against a lot, which we will discuss below, and so it’s important that it has a paint protective film. This is going to repel so much and act as a barrier. It’s not exactly like a force field on some futuristic spaceship, of course. It is still susceptible to damage. Though the great thing here is that the PPF was made to take on all the damage so that your paint job doesn’t have to.

Many years ago, before PPF was used on automobiles, it was used to protect helicopter blades in times of war. To say that this stuff is strong would be an understatement. Apart from being incredibly durable, it’s also extremely light and totally transparent, so you can’t even really tell that it’s been placed over your existing paint job, but you still get all of the protective benefits.

Guards Against the Weather

Weather will do a real number on your car. Sure, if it rains now and then, the factory paint and the clear coat is more than enough to repel this. But what about sleet, freezing rain and hail? What about driving out there in the winter and having little chunks of ice blasting into the lower half of your vehicle? This stuff really does damage, and it’s mostly accumulative which means that you don’t notice it at first, but one day you walk out and you’re missing huge chunks of paint.

The disappearance of paint spurred by the weather will eventually cause rust, which will cause holes in your car. It’s not pretty. We’ve all seen that type of damage on cars before. Well, your car doesn’t have to be the one sporting that type of damage out on the road. With the right type of coating PPF, you won’t have to worry about the damage accumulating from the harsh elements and you will get many more years of life out of your paint job.

Protects from Dirt and Debris

There’s a good reason cars have windshields and windows. Can you imagine going fast down a road and having little bits of gravel, broken glass, dirt, and other debris smacking you in the face constantly? Well, this is what your paint is going through every single time you drive. The surface of your car is being bombarded. At first, you won’t notice this. But if you put your paint under a microscope, you would be shocked at just how much damage simple driving is doing to your vehicle.

A quality PPF ceramic coating is going to protect against this sort of stuff. If it’s strong enough to hold up on helicopter blades in a literal war zone, it’s plenty strong enough to repel those little bits of junk flying up at you on the open road.

Protects Against Age

Even if you happen to live in an area where the sun isn’t harsh, and even if you drive on smooth, clean roads that are bereft of debris, you still have to worry about age. Now, of course, most people don’t live in such areas and their automobiles need the sort of protection that only PPF can offer, though even if you were able to avoid debris and UV rays, age still causes paint to dry up and crack and peel. Paint contains moisture. Even though you think it’s some dry, hard coating, it’s really not. There is moisture in there, and the paint is pliable and flexible. As time goes by, that dries up and withers away, literally.

Ceramic glass coating

The right PPF coating will protect your paint from aging, which means that the paint is keeping its moisture and will not dry, age and crack. You can think of it in many ways like a much more sophisticated sort of mummification process that ultimately makes your car look better, while also allowing it to keep its value, as we’ll touch on below.

Protects the Value

Speaking of the value, the only way you’re going to maintain that maximum Blue Book value is to maintain the integrity of your automobile aesthetically. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if you have to replace with aftermarket or OEM parts for your alternator, battery, etc. What matters to the valuation of your car is mainly its aesthetic appearance. If the car looks good and doesn’t have dents, dings and scratches, it will be worth more. A car with a brilliant, illustrious paint job is worth even more.

Paint protective film will ensure that the paint on your vehicle stays shiny and new for the duration of its life. You won’t have to worry about it becoming faded or damage, and thus the value of the car will be protected with PPF.

The bottom line is that your automobile is out there in the elements and is going to pay the price for it, one way or the other, given enough time. This is going to lead to a lot of damage and the need for a new paint job. Getting a quality PPF layer is a great way to protect against this inevitability.